How to choose between chest freezers and upright freezers

How to choose between chest freezers and upright freezers

How to choose between chest freezers and upright freezers?

If you were to decide between chest freezers and upright freezers, what will your choice be? And, how will you pick between the two? The main factors to consider while making a choice would be the price of the freezer, the capacity, the energy efficiency, and other conveniences.

Both the freezers are available in 5 to 25 cubic feet sizes, but there might be diversity in the capacity, based on the type of the freezer model you choose.

The chest freezers are more economical as the entire area can be utilized for storage. The upright models are little more expensive and provide lesser net storage capacity.

Defrosting and energy efficiency
The chest freezers usually require manual defrosting, which requires a few hours. As they have a wall insulation on the sides, which is built-in, they can hold the cold temperatures efficiently and take in very less energy. It can easily keep the food frozen for two days, even when it is unplugged. They have a longer life cycle as compared to the upright models.

When it comes to convenience, the upright models are ranked much higher, as they give you the liberty to organize the contents properly. With versatile storage systems, some of the models have adjustable storage bins, with sliding shelves and pull-out baskets. But when it comes to odd-shaped items, it might be difficult to store in them. Whereas it is quite easy to store objects of all shapes in the chest model, one would need to bend a little more, to search for things, and it might be hard to organize as well.

Freezer installation
As the chest freezers are wider in structure, they will need more space on the floor, as compared to the upright models. The chosen area should also have sufficient headroom so that the door can open effortlessly. The upright model will need lesser footprint but will require more space for the swinging door.

If your central purpose is to keep things organized, and you are willing to pay a little extra for that, then you should opt for the upright one. However, if you have a limited funds, and do not mind how things are stored, then a chest model would be the right choice.