Popular home remedies to stop watery eyes

Popular home remedies to stop watery eyes

Watery eyes are most common in infants and small children. While one of the most common causes of watery eyes in children could be blocked tear ducts, in adults this could be caused due to the eyelids getting sagged from the eyeballs and causing the tears to accumulate and release. Sometimes watery eyes may also be a result of excess tear production.

Watery eyes can also be caused due to a whole lot of factors including cold, allergies, chemotherapy drugs, eyelid inflammation, trachoma, dry eyes, ingrown eyelash, foreign objects, and more. While the treatment to stop watery eyes depends on each individual’s case and symptoms, here’s how to stop watery eyes naturally.

Try cold milk
This is the simplest and most traditional remedies that you can find on how to stop watery eyes. Find a clean, neatly knit fine cloth and dip it in cold raw milk and place this cloth over the affected/ infected eye. After a few minutes, you will experience the discomfort reducing.

Cucumber slices work wonders
Cucumber is the coolest and most common home remedies to soothe eyes. Slices of cucumber, when applied over affected eyes, can successfully stop watery eyes. Many experts recommend leaving the cucumber slices for 5-10 minutes for best results.

Apply a combination of warm milk and honey
Warm milk and honey is an excellent home remedy to stop watery eyes. Several studies reveal the antibacterial properties of honey and the sheer goodness of milk. A combination of these ingredients can treat watery eyes efficiently and provide instant relief. A concoction of milk and honey can be an excellent eyewash to treat infections like conjunctivitis that may lead to watery eyes. This combination can be prepared with part milk and equal amounts of honey and must be applied with an eyedropper onto the affected eyes a couple of times through the day.

Give turmeric paste a try!
Turmeric is popular across the globe for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties and is an equally effective solution to stop watery eyes. Boil water with about a 5gmms of turmeric and let the paste liquid. Once the solution cools down, you can apply it over your eyes with the help of a soft cotton cloth. This paste can also be used to wash the eyes. Apart from its incredible healing properties, turmeric will also help your skin to glow and remove dark circles and puffiness naturally.