Five easy steps to clean your windows

Five easy steps to clean your windows

It’s one of the most annoying things for a person to clean windows, especially if you do not know the techniques well. It simply gets next to impossible to clean and then dry the glass windows. Here are some easy ways you can follow, if you wish to know how to clean windows!

Necessary equipment
Until you know the equipment to be used correctly, you cannot excel in this task. Right choice of equipment can help you do your work faster. When you have the right equipment, cleaning windows doesn’t remain a hassle any more. The equipment must include everything listed below!
A bucket
A sponge
A squeegee
Purpose-made window cleaning solutions or vinegar
Brown paper or newspaper
Chamois or microfiber cloth
Dry lint free cloth or drying pad

Remove the dust or dirt
This is the primary step that you need to do. If you wet your window without dusting it, then instead of getting clean, it could acquire more dirt on the window pane as well as the duster. So it is recommended that you first dust the dirt with a dry cloth and then start with your major cleaning.

Wet the window pane
Once you have removed the initial layer of dirt by dusting, go for cleaning the patches. These patches are hell bent when it comes to getting them removed. Hence, you need to first wet them and let them get softer. Patches of bird’s poop aren’t very smooth to remove, right? Hence, you need to make them softer with water in order to get them out of your pane completely. Wet the window pane, leave it for some time and with the help of a dry cloth, you can either dry your window or remove the excess water that is dripping from the window pane.

Wash them with vinegar/other solutions
Take a sponge, apply the solution and just rub it against the window. Rub it little harder when required. On the dry patches, you need to rub them and wash them. Sometimes you might need to rub them rigorously to get them out of your window. You can use this step to remove the labels that dominate the beauty of your glass window. For greasy windows, use two tablespoons of household ammonia or domestic borax per gallon and rinse with vinegar solution. This will help you get rid of the greasy dirt.

Glass shiner
The task of cleaning the window is not complete without this step. After performing the above steps, you need to dry the window with some dry fiber cloth and leave that to dry completely for a few minutes. Then apply some glass shiner on the window panes and gently rub them with a dry cloth. This way your window will not only get cleaned, but also get the shine of a new window. Moreover, the glass shiner contains some of the chemicals that clean the dirt, which other cleansers may not take out.