Best no-fee prepaid credit cards you need to know

Best no-fee prepaid credit cards you need to know

A credit card might be a great option for consumers for a hassle-free and convenient purchasing experience. However, it comes with charges which they need to bear. One of them is the annual or monthly fees. Moreover, it is reported that more than 40 million people in the country are bereft of a bank account since they may not be qualified for one or have had a poor credit score in the past.

As a result, banks and financial institutions have come up with prepaid cards which are similar to debit cards, in which a certain amount of money may be loaded into the card and then used. These cards have greater benefits such as enabling customers to directly deposit paychecks, benefit checks, or government checks. They don’t require credit scores or a credit check run. Moreover, there are no interest charges, thereby keeping a customer’s spending in check.

However, there are exceptions when it comes to prepaid cards with no monthly fees and two of the best are given below:

NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Debit Card
This card is a treat for those customers who make a limited amount of transactions every month on a regular basis or make sure that they add potential transaction charges into their budget every month. Issued by MetaBank®, the three main features of this card are no credit checks, no activation fees, and no minimum balance. Besides charging no monthly fees, reloads through direct deposits in the card are free of cost and a customer may get paid up to two days faster. The card also helps in personalizing rewards for daily purchases through their NetSpend Payback Rewards™ program.

Bluebird by American Express
If a customer is in a dilemma in choosing a no-fee prepaid credit card, it is most likely to not last long when American Express’ Bluebird comes into the picture. It charges no monthly fees, no activation fees, and may be bought for free online. When it comes to adding funds through a direct deposit or online with a debit card, it has no charge on that as well. It also charges nothing for withdrawing money from machines of the American Express or its approved issuers. For customers having bank accounts, it provides a no-bounce check writing option to them and a single master account may be joined to four accounts in the family for those aged above 13 years.