Pep Boys Tires, a Premier Name For Customer Service

Pep Boys Tires, a Premier Name For Customer Service

Pep boys tires is an American automotive after market retail and service chain. Ever since its opening as a single shop in 1921, it has now grown tremendously having over 9000 service bays in approximately 1000 locations. All this growth is owed to their excellent services for their customers.

They are always ready to help their customers in any kind of emergency providing 24/7 support. Moreover, they also have been providing some amazing offers like buying 3 tires and getting 4th free. It may be subject to some terms and conditions, of course.

But the central idea is that the customers are sure to find all of their automotive solutions in Pep boys tires. The tires can be easily ordered online and their maintenance can be easily done by visiting pep boys service centres. The wheels and tires are also serviced for free of cost in case of a warranty. Pep boys tires is an ideal place for automobile solutions, especially regarding tires and wheels.

They provide all kinds of services to the automobile and their tires and wheels. These services mainly include alignment, flat tire repair, tire pressure monitoring system, tire rotation and tire balancing. Pep boys also have a price match policy. In this policy, they claim that their prices of retail, tires and services match that of the competitors.

This guarantee is subject to time constraints. But with such kind of guarantee also comes an assurance for the customer that they are using their money at the right place. But this price match policy also has some exclusions. These exclusions mainly state that the competitor must be located in the same area or the area nearby for the price match to be valid. Also, the price match policy cannot be applied in case of the application of some discounts or coupons.

Pep boys tires has always been very particular about the safety of their customers. Hence, provide all those services which lead to the better and safe working of the wheels and tires. Wheel balancing service is one of them. In this service, they try to bring on the optimal balance of the wheels so that it remains so for a lifetime.

This lifetime deal is what makes Pep boys tires a reliable place to go for the customers. Every time a customer visits them, they work hard enough so that the customer doesn’t have to visit them again because of any problem, but merely for a regular service. Rotation of tires is another important activity to be done in order to balance the wear of the tires and make them work efficiently for a longer period. In all the services they provide, checking and maintain ideal air pressure is always included. All they do is for one broad motive: keeping their customers happy and safe.

Every aforementioned clearly indicates that whatever Pep boys tires do is for the benefit of their customers. They provide all the necessary services and more which are very crucial for a safe driving experience. All the problems of the customers are heard and attended to, in order to provide them a satisfactory and smooth driving experience.

Appointments can be fixed so that customers can make optimum use of their time. If they are not able to make one, walk-in option is always there. The staff of Pep boys is always ready to take in any customers who arrive unannounced. Along with all the first class services, their prices are something which are within the budget of all people in need of getting their vehicles treated or even buying new tires. This makes Pep boys a place truly serving their customers.

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