Behind the popularity of Barbour jackets

Behind the popularity of Barbour jackets

If you are in search of outerwear that’s durable, stylish, and reflects your personality, then Barbour jackets are made for you. These jackets are available all across the world, and they stand as an example of authentic British design which is beyond imitation.

A few years ago, Dame Margaret Barbour met the Queen and wanted know if she would like a new Barbour jacket for her silver jubilee. But to her utter surprise, the Queen declined the offer, instead requesting her old jacket to be re-waxed. Such is the magic of the Barbour jackets that no one wants to get rid of even the most-worn pieces.

Since its inception in 1894, the iconic waxed cotton Barbour jackets have proved themselves in every aspect. Their signature design has two big bellow pockets, a large pull ring zip, corduroy collar, and weather proof finish.

The first set of Barbour jackets were made from premium class oil cloth, one of the finest materials available at the time. It could effortlessly shed off water, yet was highly breathable. Barbour become a renowned name in the oilskin and outdoor garments supply to local sailors and dockers. Then, Barbour jackets generated waterproof clothing for the military. Not only that, but their weatherproof outdoor clothing became the standard covering for the submarine services during the Second World War. That mix of patriotism and style meant that the unique designs soon became a hot favorite among outdoor workers.

It didn’t take long for their popularity to reach the shores of America and Asia. The working sector of the populace was spellbound with the level of protection as well as comfort offered by Barbour clothing.

Popular celebrities have donned Barbour jackets. Did you know that it takes the labor of 36 workmen to produce a single jacket? The production process is meticulously maintained. Each person is in charge of a particular part of the jacket so that it reaches you with impeccable perfection in all respects. It is a jacket that will be with you all your life. The company also offers re-waxing facilities, to ensure their continued waterproof quality. Barbour jackets are only produced only in their factory in the coastal area of South Shields. With only 180 staff, quality is paramount to their operations. Regardless of which state in America you hail from, you can purchase a Barbour jacket which will be a valuable piece of your wardrobe. Style, function, and history- Barbour is a timeless classic.