All you need to know about a used ‘Lexus IS SUV’

All you need to know about a used ‘Lexus IS SUV’

Lexus as a branch carved out a unique niche for itself in the American automotive market. It is hardly surprising that the entire range of luxury SUVs from Lexus also enjoy immense popularity. And for those who cannot afford a brand new Lexus SUV, there always remains the very viable alternative of going for a used Lexus SUV, usually at half the cost of the original or even less. One model that has performed very favorably in reviews from used Lexus SUV dealers and drivers is the Lexus IS. In the used Lexus SUV market, the IS models are currently available at a price range of US $10,200 to us $ 11, 900.

There are two engine options available in the IS models, with the IS 350 performing very well on hilly terrain or when passing across compared to the Is 250 which has a weaker engine. The IS 250 is likely to satisfy those who merely seek a comfortable and ordinary driving experience while the IS 350 with a 306 horsepower V6 engine s preferable for those who want more than adequate power.

The IS 250 model is available with some used Lexus SUV dealers with an all-wheel drive and manual transmission although its standard specs include an automatic transmission and rear wheel drive.

Softly padded cabin interiors done up with stylish leather provide a luxurious cabin experience. In fact, it ranks very highly in its upscale interiors for the price one pays for it. However, owing to its smaller size, it may not be the vehicle of choice for larger families. When compared to other SUVs from Lexus, however, the IS does not receive as high scorings for the length of its rear seat and front seat head room. Again, cargo space in the trunk is limited to about 13 cubic feet, which makes it rather small in this class of SUVs and sedans.

It offers a mileage of between 18 and 21 miles per gallon for use with the city and between 25 and 29 miles per gallon when used on highways.

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