6 best DIRECTV plans to choose from

6 best DIRECTV plans to choose from

When it comes to customer satisfaction, DIRECTV has aced the field. Its been running for over 18 years and is one of the best options to choose when it comes to daily entertainment. It has a tie-up with all the major networks of the country and offers great packages to the consumers. Here are the 6 best DIRECTV packages and their prices that should be a part of your monthly budget depending on your choice:

Coming with 155+ channels, this is definitely one of the most coveted DIRECTV packages and prices out in the market. It comes at a cost of $35 per month exclusive of taxes when you take the plan for 12 months. You may also require AutoPay. After which you need to pay around $78 per month from 13-24 months.

With the Entertainment Package, you can pick around 160+ channels. The cost of this plan is about $40 per month. But, between the 13-24th month, the cost becomes $90. These prices are exclusive of taxes and has the best of channels in the repository lined up for you.

With over 185 channels, this plan costs around $45 per month exclusive of taxes. From thereon, it comes at a rate of $105 per month 13-24th month. You can also choose to go for Regional Sports Fee which comes at a cost of $7.50 per month.

Known to be the third most expensive plan offered by Xtra, it has over 235 channels and comes at a cost of $55 per month. After which it comes at a cost of $117 per month for the duration of 13-24th month. The regional sports fee costs around $7.50 per month.

The Ultimate Package actually comes with 250 channels and the regional sports fee costs around $7.50 per month. Although this is applied in selected markets and costs $128 per month thereafter.

This plan is the most coveted on DIRECTV. It costs around $110 per month and offers 330+ channels. This cost is exclusive of taxes and select areas offer regional sports in $7.50 per month.

The prices keep changing so it is always better to speak to a customer care executive based in your area. Even though they remain roughly the same, there can be a slight difference.