Why choose a Toyota Sienna?

Why choose a Toyota Sienna?

The Toyota Sienna is a versatile minivan offering many options and features with higher trims making it the minivan for all. This wagon offers intelligent solutions to almost all our necessities and intuitive features that we can choose from. Versatility comes with a price. The base Sienna costs $29,750 while the fully decked top tier Sienna costs $46,170. However, we have to acknowledge the fact that this is the only all-wheel-drive in its class. There are much more reasons why the Toyota Sienna is priced higher when compared with its competitors. Below are the key factors.

The new Toyota Sienna 2017 has an all new 3.5-litre V6 direct injection engine with an eight-speed power transmission delivering 296 horsepower. This newly revised engine offers a better fuel economy allowing 27 miles per gallon on the highway. Whether it’s a long road trip with family or for corporate transportation, the sporty and bold exterior makes the minivan match any occasion.

What makes the Toyota Sienna not just a spacious transportation facility is the intuitive interior design and ergonomics. The leather-clad lounge seats make it the most comfortable eight-seater minivan that can make more room for luggage if need be.

The interior opens out with keyless dual powered slide doors and an ample back door allowing the entry or exit of luggage easy. Getting into the last row could never get more stylish with the second-row seats capable of cuddling the front seats with an extended slide and large legroom. The second rows have their own up to date infotainment and custom climate controls so they don’t have to nudge the driver once in a while.

The driver feels more like sitting in a cockpit with the dashboard controls moved closer. The Sienna’s built-in microphone at the front end lets the driver speak to the passengers without having to turn an inch. The sonar sensors assist the driver with warning indicators when it’s safe to change lanes or when parking.

A minivan is usually used for a comfortable transportation of either many people or luggage and the Toyota Sienna offers a large ergonomic space with high safety. The Toyota Sienna has a long track record of strong crash test scores. There are eight standard airbags and roll-sensing side curtain airbags for all rows. The Sienna is built with an automatic locking retractor seatbelt that helps to secure child seats without having to lock the clip. The Sienna offers a one-year trial subscription to their Safety Connect feature that helps you at times of emergency.

Overall, the Toyota Sienna with its updated features and builds aims to out beat every minivan in the market. With loads of combinations available for the buyer, it is wise to choose the right model and trim that will suit your needs. The Toyota website has a lot of detailed information about each trim and feature of the new Sienna. It also helps you custom build your own Sienna and the cost for it.