Where did iced coffee come from?

Where did iced coffee come from?

Who does not love the idea of sipping a quick iced coffee? Well, the mention of the name itself is sure to make one salivate. For many, coffee acts as the kick-start energizer in the morning and beginning the day without a coffee break is unimaginable. While most elders prefer hot coffee, kids and youngsters can’t get enough of the iced variant. Just not refreshing, an iced coffee is also amazingly yummy.
Be it winter or spring, it is always iced coffee season. But where did this deliciously tasty and chilled drink come from? Let’s take you through the evolution of this godly drink, while you sip on your yummy iced coffee.

There is no dearth of myths that are connected to the origins of iced coffee. While being mysterious, they are super fun too. Coffee has been around for centuries but the evolution of iced coffee can be traced to the 1600’s in Japan. Since the Japanese have been known to be the first people to brew cold tea, it only stands as good reason that they may have been the first to experiment with iced-coffee aswell. It is speculated that Japanese may have picked this up from the Dutch who made coffee concentrate for easy transportation.

So how has this iced coffee trend expanded so widely in the US? People have always loved coffee for obvious reasons and having it in an iced form only makes it more irresistible. Moreover, several cafes can produce this coffee faster as brewing is quick and requires minimum labor. Iced Coffee is now also a part of popular culture and is now coming to be seen as an art-form. Brewers are coming up with creative ideas to serve this drink.

Different countries in the world have different variations and quick iced coffee ideas that are popular in that state. In a Japan, iced coffee stay very true to its name and freshly brewed coffee is merely poured over cubes of ice. This accentuates the flavor of the coffee and brings out the roasted flavor with every sip. On the other hand, an iced coffee is more like a sugary and creamy mix with a dash of crushed ice and coffee. This kind of quick iced coffee idea is becoming highly popular and loved for its quick way of preparation.

It is no surprise, that iced coffee is concentrated with way more caffeine and if you want to stay up through the night, iced coffee is the way to go. Don’t stop slurping!