What you should know before buying prayer beads

What you should know before buying prayer beads

Prayers beads are spiritual tools that have been in existence for thousands of years. Two of the oldest origins of these beads are India and Nepal, the two places in the world that have been practicing meditation for the longest time. However, now monk prayer beads can be found across the world.

Purpose of prayer beads
Several people use prayer beads to attain some peace and calm in their everyday lives. Malas made out of these beads are used while meditating and during prayers. Even novices who do not have much experience or knowledge about religion or spirituality can meditate using prayer beads.

Each mala contains a set number of beads (usually 108). These beads represent spiritual identity and connection with the universe. During meditation, every movement of the bead represents one chant or breath taken. This process helps in keeping your mind focused and creates positive energy.

What are prayer beads made of?

Traditionally, prayer beads are made using wood, plant seed, and other similar organic materials, which are shaped or carved into a round form. Rudraksha seeds were originally used to make these beads, as they were known to possess spiritual and healing power. In the same way, Bodhi seeds are also sacred (the term “bodhi” refers to enlightenment”.)

In Tibetan culture, monk prayer beads made from carved bone are a common sight, and they stand for compassion and impermanence. Prayer beads made from wood can be chosen if you want to create a spiritual connection with Earth. During meditation, wooden beads promote mindfulness and grounding energy.

How to meditate with prayer beads

You do not need to gain full knowledge of prayers and rituals in order to meditate holding prayer beads. Just clear your mind of all thoughts and sit peacefully for around 15 minutes. Gently hold the mala in your hand. You will notice that one bead is larger than all others. This bead is called the guru bead. Use your thumb and index finger to lightly hold the bead next to the guru bead. Slowly, move the beads through your fingertips while chanting the spiritual verses, prayer, or mantra. When you reach the guru bead, it indicates the completion of one full cycle. Following this, when you feel ready, slowly phase out of meditation by sitting in peace for a few minutes.