What You Need To Know About The 10 Best Credit Cards

What You Need To Know About The 10 Best Credit Cards

Sometimes, you may need money fast for an emergency situation. That’s where credit cards can help. However, there is a stringent application process. Eligibility criteria decide if you even qualify for a certain credit card.
Here is a list of the top ten companies that offer an instant approval credit card. These are extremely rewarding and easy to obtain.

1. Barclay CashForward World MasterCard
With this card, you can get $200 rewards after you spend $1000 within three months of opening the account. You also earn 1.5 percent cash rewards every time you buy anything with this card. Also redeeming the card will fetch you 5 percent redemption of rewards which can be used in the next redemption.

2. Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card
When you accept credit cards of this type, you can earn a one-time reward of 20,000 miles on air after completing purchases worth $1000 within 90 days of approval. You will not have to pay any annual fee and 0 percent APR for the first year.

3. Discover It Cashback Match
Are you looking for an instant approval credit card that can double your rewards? This is the credit card which will turn $200 into $400. You would be rewarded with a dollar for each dollar you spend when a period of a year comes to an end.

4. Blue Cash Everyday Card from American Express
If you could apply for this instant approval credit card by 3rd May, you can earn cashback of up to 10 percent by swiping the card at any restaurant in the USA for the first 6 months. Also, you can earn $100 cash back by spending $1000 within the first 90 days.

5. Barclay Ring MasterCard
The best advantage of this card is that you will not have to pay a single dollar for the first 15 months of purchase. Also, you will get different types of rewards during this period after which the APR would be somewhere around 13.74 percent.

6. Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card
When every other credit cards are paying $100 reward for spending $1000, you can get the same benefit by spending only $500 with this credit card. Also, you can earn unlimited 1.5 percent cash back for every single purchase.

7. Chase Freedom Unlimited
You will be automatically redirected to earning 1.5 percent cash back rewards on every single purchase. Also, you will get $150 bonus on the completion of $500 within 90 days of approval.

8. Susan G. Komen Credit Card
This instant approval credit card is promoted by Bank of America and they are offering $3 million in association with the Pink Ribbon Credit card program to all its users until December 2020. Also, you will get $100 online cash rewards bonus once you complete spending $500 within 90 days of approval.

9. Bank of America Credit Card
You should consider this card for its 0 percent introductory APR till the completion of 18 cycles for balance transfers within the first 2 months.

10. Bank of America Travel Rewards Credit Card
Get unlimited access to 1.5 points for each dollar you spend on purchasing. Also, there are no foreign transaction or annual fee; your earned points would never expire. You will be also rewarded with 20,000 online bonus points if you can make $1000 in your purchases within the first 3 months.
If you’re looking for a good credit card, these are the first options you should consider.

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