What You Need to Know about Electric Wheelchairs

What You Need to Know about Electric Wheelchairs

An electric wheelchair is used by those who are in need of support due to medical conditions. These chairs are powered by an electric motor. The regular wheelchairs are manually operated and often require assistance. An electric wheelchair allows the person to be more independent and move around freely.

The electric wheelchairs can also move on terrains that can be tough to navigate in a manual one. The amount of effort required to use this chair is also a lot lesser. Since it is automated, moving around is a lot easier. The person can also move at higher speeds with an electric wheelchair.

Who needs an electric wheelchair?

An electric wheelchair is a big investment to make. It must be purchased for those who need it long term. These chairs are durable and can be used for years to come. It is typically designed for those with mobility impairments. It is also used by others with fatigue issues or more serious conditions like cardiovascular problems.


An electric wheelchair has several components to it that are added from the manual one. There are modern ones with features that make the person using it even more comfortable. Electric wheelchairs have evolved in design over the years.

Drive system

The electric wheelchairs are either four-wheeled or six-wheeled ones. These don’t come in folding designs anymore. There are chairs designed with wheels depending on the terrain.


Electric motors in electric wheelchairs are powered by 12 to 80 rechargeable batteries. Smaller batteries can power the wheelchair for an entire day. You have the option of choosing between wet and dry cell batteries. The wet cell ones cannot be legally carried on aircraft. The wheelchair can be plugged into any standard wall outlet.


Electric wheelchairs have controllers that are used to navigate the chair. They are of many types and vary with the brand. These controllers are controlled by hand. There are additional features in this that also aid in mounting platforms. Controllers are also available for an aide who is assisting the person in the wheelchair. These are not connected to the chair. The wheelchair can be moved front, back, and in any direction.


This part of the wheelchair varies with the design. The seat is made of fabrics like nylon or vinyl. Some are even available with additional padding. There are brands which have wheelchairs where additional cushions can be added for convenience. The leg rest can also be adjusted based on the requirements.


Electric wheelchairs are designed for outdoor and indoor use. If you are looking for one, only for indoors, you can choose one that can be used on carpets. When it comes to outdoor wheelchairs, they need to be designed to withstand any terrain. If you want one that can be used in both, there are customizable options you can go for.

Why should you go for electric wheelchairs?

Using an electric wheelchair can make your life a lot easier. The disabled person can easily move around with minimal effort or help. Trips also become more feasible with these chairs.

Superior quality

Electric wheelchairs are more powerful and comfortable. The speeds it can go at are much higher. It can also be controlled and reduces all chances of accidents.

Variety of options

There is a wide range of colors, features, driving systems and weight capacities that you can choose from. There are several brands you can buy from both offline and online. Once you list out all the features that you want in the wheelchair, you can find the right one for you. It’s better to test one before you make an investment.


Electric wheelchairs come with headrests, comfortable seating, and leg rest. They have all the features that are needed and more. They are very easy to transport as well. You have foldable and convertible electric wheelchairs that you can carry anywhere you go.

If you are already using a wheelchair, you can always upgrade to modern and more convenient versions. It will give you the independence to move around and be more comfortable.