What to look for while buying a mascara

What to look for while buying a mascara

Perhaps, take a reality check of your lashes, first! Are your lashes thin, or short and stubby? Do they need volume and length? Once you have determined your requirement with a reality check, then you can check the best mascara to enhance your visage. Whether it is the Halloween look you need or the far away New Year look, choose from an array of the best mascaras of 2017. The following tips from a professional perspective can make you shop smart for the best mascara products.

The brush essentials-correct swipe of the wand

Size and type – Everything from the size and type of the material used for the wand’s bristles, is important. While a thick, dense, brush will produce more voluminous lashes, it is essential to acknowledge the shape of your eye when determining a mascara wand. A long-bristled brush adds lash density and also avoids clumps. A wand with smaller bristles adds volume. Short lashes need a silicone brush to make them appear longer. Such a wand will transfer the application straight to the lash.

Any woman blessed with the ideal length of lash requires a brush with a slight cushion. The application is added to the lashes without any resistance. As you search for the best mascara online pay attention to the other details. A silicon or rubber wand is good for short and thin lashes. A medium sized wand that is densely packed with a pointed tip is the best mascara wand, as it works on all eye shapes and sizes.

Another tip: Those who have smaller eyes will need a smaller brush

The formula – the right one gives a special glow
The formula matters a lot. There are three types- water soluble, thick and gentle. While buying a mascara, look out for the water-soluble one. It requires a slight cleanser and is not hard on the eyes. It does not clump or flake. So, enjoy the evening out with gay abandon. Avoid this formula for the everyday ritual.

A gentle solution is good for those with sensitive skin. Often the irritation appears long after the solution is applied. Hence, to avoid spoiling the special event you attend, consider it for sensitive eyes.

Why should you use thickening formula? It’s easy if you love that smoky-eyed appearance doe-look, then thickness matters. When you get specific and pay attention to the details, the products you buy will be worth the money.

Color tones to choose – even though every woman can pull off the odd black one!
An expert make-up artist will recommend the classic black shade for any woman, a Hispanic, African-American or a white. Today, there are so many gorgeous colors that mascaras come in, and one cannot resist indulging in them. So, what can be done to buy the best mascara? Consider the eye shape and iris shade and choose. For example, purple will shine on hazel, green or blue eyes. Those with brown eyes can choose blue and green for the right effect.

The perfect curl- just get it right!
Mascara can stick to the curler. Experts advise to use it before the application. Both products are designed to create wider and sexy eyes. But using them right is important. The lengthening mascara can be applied to the upper and lower lashes. Use it like a windshield wiper to get the dramatic effect.

Application Tip: Between two coats let the first one dry before applying the other one. As lashes separate, they look full and gorgeous.

Often it is not buying that is the problem, but the usage. But remember, once the product is bought it cannot be returned. It is best to check before buying. If you are confused, do visit your salon and ask the expert which mascara is ideal for you. Then go ahead, buy it, apply, and make eye contact with the world with confidence.