What to keep in mind when booking an extended hotel stay

What to keep in mind when booking an extended hotel stay

Work trips are not always overnight trips. In many cases, you may need to spend a few weeks out of town. In such cases, staying in a typical hotel and paying on a nightly basis can be uncomfortable and expensive. Hence most people look at either renting a service apartment or extended stay hotels. The latter typically offers a larger suite instead of a single room with additional facilities, but at a comparatively lower price. Staying at an apartment may appear to be cheaper in the beginning, but the costs can quickly add up as you will have no help with housekeeping etc. So, if you are going to be heading out of town for an extended time period, here are a few things to keep in mind while booking your extended hotel stay.

What is the type of room you need?
Like hotel rooms, extended hotel rooms also are of many different types. If you’re traveling alone, a studio may be enough for you but if you are traveling with a colleague, you may need a one bedroom suite with two beds or a two bedroom suite. Some hotels also allow you to stay with your pets. However, you may need to check with the hotel about the number of pets and type of pets allowed.

What are the housekeeping services available?
Unlike a typical hotel room, do not expect housekeeping to make your bed every day in an extended hotel stay. Typically, housekeeping services depend on how long you will be staying. While fresh towels may be available whenever needed, a room cleanup and replenishment of bath supplies may be scheduled for once a week. If you’d like any additional services, it may be charged as an extra fee.

Do you have access to a kitchen?
The advantage of extended stay hotels is that you should have access to a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette, which allows you to cook for yourself. You will, however, need to check on what facilities are available in your in-suite kitchen and where you can get groceries etc from. Also, check if your housekeeping service includes washing the dishes or not.

What are the laundry facilities you can access?
Most extended stay hotels give their guest access to a Laundromat in the building. You will, however, need to check on Laundromat timings. Also, ensure that you have an ironing board and an iron available in the room. If budget is not an issue, you could also simply give your laundry to the hotel to be washed and ironed.

Are you eligible for any special offers?
Most hotels offer many different types of discounts to people looking for extended stay options. Many corporate offices also have tie-ups with hotel chains that can get you lower rates. If you are a group of people traveling together, booking your stay together can also help you avail of discounts to make your stay more budget-friendly.