What not to include in your recipes for kids

What not to include in your recipes for kids

You are what you eat. This is something we all have heard or read somewhere but rarely follow. It is a fact that every living cell in our bodies is made from the food we eat, and hence we are literally what we eat.

If you have been eating junk for the longest time, its high time you stopped and started a healthy lifestyle. It is also important to make your kids understand the benefits of eating healthy at all times and ill effects of unhealthy junk food that most of them consume on a daily basis.

Most people are confused about what is healthy and what isn’t. By knowing your food well, you can make great changes in your and your kids’ health and life.

There are many food items we must avoid feeding our kids if we have to set a healthy lifestyle. When you are preparing food for your kids, remember to stay away from these food items:

As a thumb rule, never let your child have food with a drink (water or any other liquid). Intake of water or liquid along with food or right after a meal causes trouble in digestion. And most health problems that we today face is because of the problems with digestion. Remember to teach your kids to not have water or any other drink while having food and after finishing a meal. The best way is to have water 20 minutes before starting a meal and one hour after eating.

Avoid bread. Don’t be fooled by the ‘whole grain wheat bread’ either. Bread, any type of bread is bad for your kids. Bread has lots of gluten, very low in nutrients, spike sugar level and contain other harmful substances. With bread, most of junk goes out of the window.

Fried and deep fried food. These are fattening, and takes away all the nutrients from the food. Deep fried food also trigger chronic health condition in most people.

Sweet snacks and peanut butter. Some snacks that are available in the shops are loaded with high amount of sugar and corn syrup, which isn’t good for the body. There are chances of finding additives in peanut butter, which is again very unhealthy for your kids.

Aerated drinks and soda. There is a risk of heart disease in the long run, along with diabetes, impact the liver not in a good way, cause obesity and harm teeth.

When preparing snacks and meals for your kids, do remember to exclude this things that are harmful for your kids. The earlier that have a habit of eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle, the better future you plan for them.