What not to do to avoid injury during workouts

What not to do to avoid injury during workouts

Body injuries while hitting the gym is a major concern people have in common. To keep safe, you need to be cautious about some common causes of injury. Here is a list of the gym mistakes you need to avoid for a safe and rewarding workout.

Some people, in their efforts to achieve their fitness goals fast, end up exerting their body more than their capacity. In comparison to an evenly exerted body, the over-exerted body is more susceptible to injury. Too much of training reduces energy, which obviously retards the progress and performance. Therefore, make sure you provide sound rest to your body after a workout.

Too much load
Lifting excessive weight increases the chances of injury. If you are not able to lift a weight while following a correct weight lifting technique, it clearly indicates that the weight you are trying to lift is too heavy for you. An out-of-control dumbbell or barbell can hurt you bad.

Incorrect technique
Many people believe that the sole cause of body injury at the gym is weight lifting and speed. However, weight lifting cannot cause harm, if you do it using the right technique and suitable weight lifting equipment such as the Bowflex dumbbells. Remember, if you do not pay attention to the instructions provided by the gym instructor and straightway start lifting heavy weights, there are high chances that you may end up spraining your muscles.

Inadequate warm up
Warm up is a prerequisite for preparing the body for a workout, as it increases blood flow to the muscles enhancing their mobility and flexibility. Individuals who skip warm up often end up hurting themselves badly. To ensure something like this doesn’t happen to you, make it a habit to start any form of workout with proper warm up drills.

Weight range
It is good to be enthusiastic and eager to achieve fitness goals, but over-enthusiasm sometimes proves harmful. Those yearning for muscular body sometimes ignore the ideal weightlifting range, which is from light to heavy, and lift heavy weights straight away. This is one of the most common causes of injury at the gym. Make sure you start working out with light equipment and then move on to heavy weights with Bowflex adjustable dumbbells.

Not enough stretching
Stretching and warm up are two different things. Body stretching is something you should do after a warm up and before and after every workout session. It helps relax and elongate muscles, which improves your body’s performance during the workout and reduces muscles soreness.

Poor nutrition
If you start with a heavy training program and you do not eat appropriately, you are more likely to get hurt. Poor nutrition doesn’t allow the body to recover fully, which makes it weak and prone to injuries.

Simple mistakes that people make at the gym during a workout session often result in body injuries. To keep such unpleasant occurrences at bay, keep these simple yet important things in mind when hitting the gym.