What is Spinal Stenosis and How Can One Prevent it

What is Spinal Stenosis and How Can One Prevent it

Spinal stenosis is a condition characterized by the narrowing of the spinal column, which compresses the spinal cord or nerve roots. The condition often results in local pain in the back or neck and piercing pain in the connected extremities.

The most common cause of spinal stenosis is the natural deterioration of the spine due to aging. Since the reason is natural, there are some tips that you can observe to prevent the occurrence of the condition.

How to Prevent Spinal Stenosis
There is no way to stop aging and, thus, prevent the development of spinal stenosis. However, researchers have found out that certain lifestyle choices and tasks can largely defer the progression of the condition and reduce its impact on people’s lives. Here are a few tips that can promote your overall spine health and prevent the condition.

  • Stay Active
    Performing exercise regularly is crucial to fortify the muscles which support the spine. Furthermore, it helps in increasing spinal flexibility and keeping body weight under control. All these factors decrease the amount of pressure exerted on the spine, thus delaying the onset of spinal stenosis.
  • Do Not Sit for Protracted Hours
    When you stand, your legs act as shock absorbers for your spine. On the other hand, when you sit, these shock absorbers relax and all your body weight is shifted to the spine. Therefore, it is important to not sit for long durations. Make sure to take a small walk after every 30 minutes.
  • Take Driving Precautions
    Wrong driving postures can also lead to the quick progression of spinal stenosis. Therefore, make sure when you are driving, your seat is angled at 100 degrees so that it properly supports your back.
  • Sleep Smart
    Sleeping on the right mattress is vital if you want to prevent all kinds of back problems. If you regularly wake up with a stiff back or neck, it may be a sign that your mattress is worn out and needs replacement. You can use a mattress that is firm and properly supports your spine as a solution to this.
  • Use Accurate Lifting Techniques
    Lifting heavy objects can often result in a back pain. However, sometimes you can also hurt your back by lifting small and light objects if you try to bend or reach them improperly. It is advisable to perform squat lifting for heavy objects.

All these general healthy lifestyle habits will help in preventing the condition of spinal stenosis. Follow these steps to live a healthy life.