Vacuum cleaners: Selecting the right option and using effectively

Vacuum cleaners: Selecting the right option and using effectively

Have you ever contemplated the reason behind lovely-looking carpets? You can have them so if you allow no shoes in the house and vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. But the greatest challenge here is to choose the right vacuum cleaners.

There are two types of vacuum cleaners – canister and upright. The canister vacuum cleaner is typically more versatile. Quite like upright vacuum cleaners, the canisters can clean carpets, but it can also be used for cleaning bare floors, vacuuming stairs and even sucking the dirt from the corners.

Your particular needs and preferences will also determine whether you should go for bagless ones or for vacuum cleaners with bags. If you choose bagless vacuum cleaners, you will be spared from the task of purchasing extra bags. But it is important to note that this type of vacuum cleaners can give trouble while emptying and you must make sure that the dust containers and the filters are kept clean. On the other hand, even though it is easy to handle the vacuum cleaners with bags, it could be an unwanted ordeal, if any small object somehow gets sucked up accidentally.

Choosing vacuum cleaners with power and versatility
Most people are tempted to buy vacuum cleaner models with the highest amps, watts or horsepower, thinking that they will be very effective in cleaning. These numbers are just measurements of the amount of current drawn by the motor of the cleaner. The performance of the vacuum cleaners actually depends on the airflow, the suction level produced, the overall design, and the attachments.
While cleaning the rugs and piled carpets, use the motorized power nozzle. But when you are cleaning the bare floors and walls, it is advised to use floor and wall brush. You should use the crevice tool for getting the dust from the drawers, vents of the heater and air-conditioner, and from underneath the large appliances. The upholstery attachment is meant for cleaning the fabrics, curtains, the interiors of the car and other such objects. Lastly, the dusting brush should be used for removing dust from lampshades, moldings, and blinds.

Cleaning with vacuum cleaners
Most people who are willing to buy vacuum cleaners or have recently bought one, ask questions like how often they should vacuum or how many times the cleaner must be run over the carpet or how frequently the belt must be changed. Any area that receives high traffic must be vacuumed every single day, and in case it is not possible, you should try cleaning at least twice a week. In general, it is recommended to run seven strokes for areas with high traffic and three to four strokes are sufficient for lighter traffic areas. If you are fanatic about the dirt in the house, you should get the cleaner with a dirt sensor, which can show whether the area is clean or not.