Types of RV rentals you can book

Types of RV rentals you can book

Recreational vehicles, also known as RVs, are fully furnished vehicles that are widely used for long-distance travel and can be used for camping purposes, as a mobile home or mobile office or any other commercial reason. Popularized by celebrities using them as makeup vans or bands traveling cross-country, while expensive, Rvs are a popular option for travelers.

Buying an RV is a huge investment, so, sometimes it’s better to rent one if you are planning to use your vehicle for a shorter duration. The numerous companies offering them on rent also mean that you can easily find one within your budget. But did you know that there are different types of RV rentals? This article details some of the important types you can book and set off to where the journey takes you.

Class A motorhomes
These are extremely luxurious RVs and can almost rival a traditional home in terms of comfort and facilities. These motorized homes come with all the basic amenities and more and range between 21 and 45 feet and weigh more than 20,000 pounds. They aren’t very economical since they consume a lot of gas, but if you are looking for an RV rental for a huge group or a long trip, then this can be a very good choice. Keep in mind that these vehicles aren’t easy to maneuver due to their size.

Class B motorhomes
These are also known as camping vans and are usually built on a standard van chassis. It is a tighter fit than Class A rental Rvs but rates higher in terms of drivability. They come in both diesel and gasoline-powered models and these vehicles have offer amenities like a sleeping and dining area, small kitchen, and storage space. They may also have a small bath area.

Class C motorhomes
These vehicles are usually built on a truck or van chassis and are one of the more popular choices for RV rentals. These are usually preferred by larger families who need to go on a vacation but have an inflexible budget. While Class cs cost lesser than class bs, they are more expensive in terms of fuel and maintenance. They generally have a toilet, showers, kitchen, drawing room, and plenty of space for you to sleep. The side doors give easy access to the interiors due to the compartmental design of these RV’s.

Fifth-Wheel RV’s
This is the most luxurious of Rvs you can have on a rental basis. They are large towable trailers and must be towed by a pickup truck or conversion vehicle. The truck beds contain coupling mechanism which helps it to easily get towed. These can be heavier than the regular traveling trailers and are equipped with all the luxuries which you will find in your home. These vehicles are widely available with many RV rental companies and are a great advantage if you are comfortable driving a regular model. This truck also eliminates the need for difficult maneuvering techniques required to turn your truck and makes driving easier.

Sport-Utility RV trailers
These are hybrid between a travel RV and sports trailer. They are perfect for people who wish to travel with heavy sports equipment like jet skis, ATVs, etc. These vehicles feature foldable walls which serve also as ramps for loading and unloading. They have a large cargo space in the rear and are available in a wide variety of choices. The living spaces are more compact as compared to other trailers and include powered doors that can be pushed back to expand your living space inside the truck.

Truck campers
These are probably the most flexible of RV rental models and are perfect for spontaneous travelers and outdoorsy individuals who favor flexibility, drivability, and affordability over luxury amenities. Campers are small units without any wheels and you can attach it to the back of your pickup truck to move around. These units have all the accommodation options with a master bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, showers, and also cab beds. This type of RV is also called “slide-ins.”

Pop-up campers
These are some of the tiniest RV trailers available and they feature collapsible compartments which make it easy for you to store things when you are not using it. These are perfect for small families who are using rental RVs for the first time. The campers usually contain basic kitchen and bathroom amenities and are more suited for short camping trips than long-term living situations.

Expandable travel trailers
This model is a cross between a traditional camper and a pop-up camper. The trailer can be used as a travel trailer on the road but can be expanded to provide more space when you are at the campsite. They have expanded sleeping spaces and you can find extra space in customized varieties of these rental RVs. They’re compact, affordable, and have enough basic amenities for you to be comfortable on the road.

There are various kinds of models which you can select according to your need and budget. Keep this in mind while looking for rental RVs and make sure to check for factors of comfort, longevity, maintenance, and affordability above all.