Top stones used for prayer beads

Top stones used for prayer beads

Since the name of a deity or prayer is repeated several times, prayer beads act as tools that help you keep a count of these chants. Monk prayer beads help you improve your focus during spiritual practices. Depending on their properties and specific purpose, there are several types of beads used in each mala. Some of them are as follows:

This stone is known to balance your intellectual, emotional, and physical well-being. It is the bead of contentment and spirituality.

This stone is known to uplift your spirits. It also fulfills your wish to live a longer and more successful life.

Moonstone focuses on reflection, introspection, and balance. It can help you handle your spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental well-being by understanding the highs and lows of life in an effective manner.

This gem is known to have a peaceful, soothing energy. Not only does it help you gain peace, but it also has healing and protective properties. It is known to help you battle a gamut of physical ailments.

Garnet improves your creative energy and internal fire. It can also help you gain a renewed energy for life and deal with abandonment and belonging issues.

This stone empowers you to take ownership of your actions. It guides you spiritually and keeps negative energies away.

Lapis lazuli
Lapis lazuli is known to give mental endurance, clarity, and mental objectivity. It helps you manage your emotions more efficiently.

Tiger eye
This stone can give you clarity and help you find sense in scattered thoughts. It can make you grounded and practical.

Once you understand the effects of each stone, you can choose the right beads that match your personality and needs. While choosing a bead, you may be more inclined to buy a particular bead, because its energy attracts you. A major part of choosing the right mala bead is using your intuition. So tap into that gut feeling while buying these beads for yourself. You can also use these beads in bracelets instead of opting for full-length malas. These bracelets can be worn around your wrist so that you can easily use them wherever you go.