Top large cotton swabs

Top large cotton swabs

Large cotton swabs are different from normal-sized cotton swabs. They are used for several purposes such as medical examinations, cleaning and touching up critical areas, and cleaning electronic devices. Here are some of the best large cotton swabs that you can purchase.

Large cotton swabs designed for dogs
For approximately USD 12, you can get 100 pieces of large cotton swabs specifically designed to clean off ear wax and other discharges. These have a sturdy wooden base made of bamboo and a hygienic cotton tip at the top. Two of the notable and highly rated brands include Fast Life and Gladog. The length of these large cotton swabs extends up to 6 inches, which means they are long enough not to poke your dog.

Medical examination
Large cotton swabs used for medical examination are different from others. For instance, the large cotton swabs from Puritan are ideal for collecting specimens during proctoscopy exams, GYN/OB examination and preparation, and cell research. These swabs are made using non-abrasive and soft cotton of pharmaceutical grade. The overall size of these swabs is 8.188 inches. These have a tip length of 1.125 inches and a diameter of 0.5 inches. The case containing 500 swabs would cost around USD 85.

Clean electronic devices with delicate areas
Do you often have to clean electronic devices such as recesses in computer and laptop keyboards, hard drives, and displays? If yes, it is time that you put down the cloth you are using up until now, as it can prove to be harsh on the device peripheral. Instead, you can use dedicated large cotton swabs measuring 6 inches or longer. Since the cotton swabs are long and clean, comprising tightly wrapped cotton with low extractable residue and resistance to solvent. One such brand, which is a specialist in the production of such cotton swabs is Techspray. You can purchase 48 units at USD 286.08.

Multipurpose large cotton swabs
For nearly USD 10, you can get 500 cotton swabs, each measuring 6 inches with a high-quality wooden base and cotton tip. You can use these swabs for cleaning art and craft pieces, electronics, and jewelry.

The use of cotton swabs for clearing wax from ear canals is debatable, which doesn’t mean that you cannot use them for other purposes. So, if you plan to clean your electronic items, shine exquisite jewelry or artifacts or even light a candle wick, which is not easy to reach, large cotton swabs can come in very handy.