Top Home Alarm Security System Options to Buy

Top Home Alarm Security System Options to Buy

The safety of your home is of great importance. It lets you sleep peacefully at night or travel with ease of mind knowing your belongings are safe. One of the best ways to ensure the safety of your home is by the use of a home alarm security system.

If you are planning to install a home alarm security system, here are some of the top options to consider.

  • Frontpoint
    Frontpoint is a leader when it comes to home security systems. To begin with, the installation is super simple, something that you can take care of on your own. Next, even the basic package offers alerts for smoke and carbon monoxide detection, which adds value to the basic package. Frontpoint is also known to work with Google Home and Alexa. Plus, they also have a mobile app to access their system.

    The best part is that Frontpoint does not require customers to take sign a contract. This means that you are not stuck with them in case you decide to move on. The company is known for its excellent customer support; plus, you can use the trial period for 30-days, post which you get your money back if you are not happy.

  • ADT
    ADT is a leading name when it comes to home alarm security system options. If you opt for ADT, you get the best in video surveillance along with control of lighting and thermostat settings through the system. You can also remotely turn the security system on or off. One of the biggest advantages of ADT is that it has more home monitoring offices than other security companies. It also has other really fabulous features like Theft Protection Guarantee, which means that you can reimburse up to USD 500 if you get robbed with your ADT system working.

    ADT does work with Alexa and Google Assistant. It also is known for its excellent customer support.

  • Ring Alarm
    If your budget is tight, then Ring Alarm is the perfect choice for you. This security system can work on a basic level and sense motion. If a door or window is pulled open, an alarm is sounded to alert the home occupants. The installation is pretty simple and you can upgrade your systems if you want help from the monitoring center.

    Ring Alarm is also known for its features such as cameras and security lights that come at an added cost.