Top DIRECTV Packages For New Users

Top DIRECTV Packages For New Users

DIRECTV is considered to be one of the best satellite TV providers in America. If you’ve ever wanted to opt for a satellite TV connection and weren’t sure which service to approach, DIRECTV may be your best bet. You can find budget friendly packages as well as high-end user packages for the binge watcher in you. Plus, since it’s satellite TV, unlike cable TV services, there’s no limitations on the streaming quality and you can get HDTV resolutions in terms of visual detail and quality in your TV shows.

DIRECTV packages can even bundle phone services and internet connections. So if you have a smart TV and you want to do more than just watch what’s available on their TV streams, you can browse the web with these services and download content for offline viewing.

Here are the top two DIRECTV packages for new users.

Starting at $50.00 USD for 12 months, the SELECT package includes over 150 channels and is the ideal choice for first time users. If you’ve never tried DIRECTV before, SELECT will let you watch 150+ popular DIRECTV channels.

Another ‘all included’ package similar to SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT lets you watch over 155+ channels plus lets you watch sports channels like ESPN and ESPN2. If you’re a sports lover and you hate missing your football games, the ENTERTAINMENT package could be your choice. It is affordably priced at $55 per month for 12 months, after which the price increases during the 13th month to the 24th month.

The CHOICE package has an amazing lineup of 185+ channels. If you love variety, CHOICE is the right option for you. You get channels ranging from sports, education, news, kids, and more. This is considered the ideal package for most families and starts at $60.00 USD per month for the first 12 months. Additionally, for 2017, you get a free NFL Sunday Ticket.

Offering a vast array of over 250+ channels at just $70.00 USD a month, the XTRA package offers you something extra for your money. Just like CHOICE, you get a free NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2017 games. The streaming and bandwidth limits are considered a lot better than cable TV services.

If you love binge watching movies and TV shows, you’ll feel happy to know that the ULTIMATE package is the perfect choice for movie lovers. They offer access to 245+ channels and up to 11+ premium movie channels in their network with this package. If you’d like to turn your home into an immersive cinematic experience and you’ve got a home entertainment system, you should opt for this package.

The most expensive package among other DIRECTV packages, this is ideal for high-end users and ultra-binge watchers. Starting at $125 month for the first 12 months, though a bit pricey, it offers an amazing pack of 325+ channels. You get a wide variety of TV shows plus many movie channels for superior entertainment. A free NFL Sunday Ticket is also included for those opting for this package. Additionally, you get famous channels like HBO and ShowTime in this subscription.