Top cheap cell phone plans to consider

Top cheap cell phone plans to consider

Most people in the country either use an AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, or the marginally less popular UScellular cell phone plan. However, those looking for a deal have access to various options. Keep in mind that this advice is for a single line of service. The monthly prices of a few of the plans mentioned below may be reduced by bundling two or more lines on the same account.

Tello Economy Cell Phone Plan
Tello’s Economy plan is a wonderful option if you’re looking for a customizable, cost-effective cell phone plan. For $10 per month, the Economy plan offers 1 GB of data, unlimited minutes, and unlimited texts. Customers who want a straightforward cell phone plan with basic amenities may choose this incredibly low one. Stay in touch with friends, and loved ones near and far with the Economy plan’s free calls and messages to more than 60 countries. Additionally, the package includes a free mobile hotspot connection that enables you to utilize your phone as a data source for additional devices.

Consumer Cellular
Since its inception, Consumer Cellular has centered its marketing efforts on customers who require a cell phone but don’t use it frequently. Although all its plans provide unlimited talk and text, customers can choose data as low as 1 GB based on their needs. Its entry-level plans are some of the most reasonably priced wireless options, starting at $20 per month. However, even occasional users of the internet today will find it difficult to remain under the 1 GB monthly data cap on the cheapest package. Customers of Consumer Cellular, an MVNO that rents towers from other carriers, would not have access to the entire network of other carriers and could suffer slower speeds since those carriers give priority service to their customers during times of high network traffic.

Red Pocket Mobile
With the option to scale up, Red Pocket Mobile offers some of the most affordable plans available anywhere. If you have a basic plan, you can get 3 GB of data and unlimited talk and text for $15 per month. Each plan also offers the luxury of letting you select the network you want to use. Since almost every phone in the country can use its services, there is no need to purchase a new phone if you like the one you have.

Mint Mobile
By providing bulk discounts, Mint Mobile can maintain its low prices. Your monthly payment will be less the more months you prepay. The Mint Mobile Unlimited 12-month plan has the most significant savings. You can talk and text without limits for an entire year and get 35 GB of data each month for $360 per annum ($30 per month). Although you are paying in advance, there are no early termination costs if you change your mind. Additionally, you need not worry about overages since you can only utilize what you have already paid for. Simply text UPDATA to 6700 and follow the instructions if you use up all of your data before the end of your cycle. The mobile hotspot is another perk they offer without charging extra.

Sprint’s Unlimited Kickstarter Plan will only cost you $35 each month if you choose autopay. You can use your own device or purchase one from Sprint; however, there are no discounts for phone purchase. Unlimited streaming in SD is included in the deal, but roaming charges can cost quite a bit, so make sure to use data on Sprint’s network only.

Keep in mind that when choosing a cheap cell phone plan, you should take reliability and customer service into account, just like with any other plan.