Top 6 secured credit cards and their features

Top 6 secured credit cards and their features

Secured credit cards are a helpful tool for people with bad or limited credit. They also help finance day-to-day purchases while rebuilding the credit. Getting secured credit cards is easy as they have lenient approval requirements. The best secured credit cards also have low annual fees, and minimum deposits, and offer significant rewards on spending. Below is a list of some of the best secured credit cards and their features.

Discover It Secured Credit Card
Discover It is one of the best secured credit cards because it has no annual fee and, instead, offers 1 to 2% cashback on purchases. It requires a relatively low minimum refundable security deposit of at least $200, and an added feature of this card is the cash reward provided after 12 months from the registered period. Also, after a period of responsible use, automatic reviews determine if your card can transition to an unsecured card.

Citi Secured Mastercard
This card is ideal for beginners with limited or no credit and has no annual fee. The Citi Secured Mastercard requires a minimum security deposit of $200. Through its monthly reporting to all three major credit bureaus – Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, the card helps you build your credit history. Though it does not offer any rewards, the Citi Secured Mastercard can be used all over the world.

Capital One Platinum Secured
Compared to other secured cards, the Capital One Platinum Secured requires a lower deposit. Usually, the credit line is as big as a security deposit, but with the Capital One Platinum Secured card, some applicants with better qualifications may get the initial credit limit of $200 by paying a deposit of $49 or $99. Customers can also pay the security deposits in installments instead of making the payment in one go. No annual or foreign transaction fee further makes it one of the best secured credit cards in the country.

U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card
People with fair credit can get the U.S. Bank Secured Visa Card to build their credit score. It requires a minimum deposit of $300 and has no annual fee and no rewards program. You can choose your credit card due date and the auto-pay feature helps you pay your balance faster, eliminating interest and late fees. Also, if your secured card is lost or stolen, you will not be liable for unauthorized transactions.

Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards Secured Credit card
Strengthen or rebuild the credit with a Bank of America Unlimited Cash Rewards Secured credit card. Bank of America secured credit cardholders can earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases. With good payment behavior, the card can be transitioned to an unsecured card. There is no annual fee and the minimum security deposit requirement is $300. Bank of America will report the card history to the three credit bureaus to help you build your credit score over time.

Secured Sable ONE Credit Card
People with poor credit can apply for the Secured Sable ONE Credit Card. The card has $0 annual fees and gives attractive rewards that make it one of the best secured credit cards in the market. With this card, you can also earn 1 to 2% cashback in addition to a bonus on all cash back at the end of the first year. The card can be upgraded to an unsecured card in 4 months; this is a shorter duration compared to what other credit cards offer. You can also improve your credit score as monthly transaction reports are sent to the credit bureaus. Other notable benefits offered include cover for phone damage or theft if you buy your phone or pay your monthly cell phone bill with the card.

Secured cards are also best suited for those who have never owned a credit card. The credit history of the secured credit card will help you build personal credit inexpensively and this will help you qualify for a decent unsecured card in the future.

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