Top 5 providers of pet insurance for dogs

Top 5 providers of pet insurance for dogs

If you are a dog owner, your furry friends are like any other member in your family. To keep your pet dogs healthy and safe, it is important that you provide them the right kind of nutrition and take them to the vet, whenever the need be. However, at times, the vet bills tend to be quite high. Therefore, having a pet insurance for dogs is a good idea. Here is a list of the five best insurance providers for dogs.

Figo Pet Insurance
Figo is definitely the topmost choice for dog insurance providers. They have three plans which you may choose from—Essential, Preferred, and Ultimate. The Ultimate plan covers unlimited vet benefits, emergency boarding fees, advertising cost along with rewards in case your pet is lost, emergency cancellation on a vacation, and the entire death costs from a covered injury or illness. The Preferred plan covers all the other features except for death coverage and vacation cancellation.

A dog insurance is one of the most popular products offered by Embrace. You may visit any vet and get the amount reimbursed along with many additional benefits. The health plans offer coverage for injuries and illnesses, cancer treatment, dental treatment (up to $1,000 per year), diagnostic testing, provision for ER, and specialist care along with a lot of other benefits. You may get excellent deals on pet insurance for dogs depending upon your state, and the age as well as the health condition of the dog.

Just like your true companion, Trupanion ensures that your beloved pet always stays by your side. They offer one of the best products for pet insurance for dogs. Their policies are curated to cover all the essential needs of pet care. Their coverage includes hereditary conditions, congenital conditions, and unidentified issues. When it comes to a pet insurance for dogs, they have thousands of medical conditions covered such as otitis, vomiting, allergy, and much more.

Pets Best
Pets Best are one of the largest providers for dog insurance in the country. You may consult the experts and find out the best plan for your little pup or opt for the most comprehensive coverage policy that they have to offer. It’s called the Best Benefit Accident policy which ensures that you are prepared for the worst. They also have conventional coverage in the form of Essential Wellness or Best Wellness to offer coverage against the common medical emergencies of your pet.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation
When looking for pet insurance for dogs, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is a good option. They have great reviews and great plans for your dogs and puppies. One feature that makes them stand out is that you may make an instant claim online by just uploading a picture of the vet bill.