Top 5 penny stocks to check out

Top 5 penny stocks to check out

Shares that trade for less than $5 per unit (or even under 1$ in some markets) are generally referred to as penny stocks. These stocks are a popular trading option among investors. They are low-value stocks, typically shares of small companies. Penny stocks have a very low market capitalization and are usually listed on a smaller exchange. Here are insights on the top five penny stocks in the country:

Sesen Bio
Sesen Bio is a clinical biopharmaceutical healthcare firm that specializes in targeted fusion protein therapeutics for cancer treatment. This late-stage company aims to improve the life of cancer patients through its innovative approaches. The company’s top product is Vicineum—a targeted fusion protein designed as a bladder cancer treatment to overcome the disease. With its fusion protein treatment options, the company aims to find solutions to select and kill cancer cells while minimizing toxicity to healthy cells. Sesen Bio has a market capitalization of about $145 million. Its share prices usually trade for less than a dollar.

Wrap Technolgies, Inc.
Wrap Technologies is a public safety technology and service company and is a subsidiary of Megawest Energy Montana Corp. The company serves customers across various countries. Its robust products, including the handheld remote restraint system and the law enforcement training system, can help guards, police officers, and security officers in defending themselves and dealing with threats or individuals perceived to be dangerous without causing injury. The share prices of Wrap Technologies usually range from $1 to $5. Their market cap is expected to be around $78 million.

Pitney Bowes Inc.
This is a technology company that provides products and services such as mailing equipment, postage meters, and mailing services. They prioritize client satisfaction and offer a good return for investors. Small businesses, enterprises, retailers, and government clients can rely on Pitney Bowes for easy dispatch of parcels. This global logistics firm also pays a robust dividend to shareholders. The company has a market cap of about $671 million, and its shares are currently trading under $5/unit.

AgroFresh Solutions Inc.
AgroFresh is dedicated to developing solutions to support farmers, retailers, and exporters in developing and supplying quality products. The company offers various solutions such as fungicides, ethylene control solutions, disinfectants, and seeding protections to prevent food wastage and losses. The products mainly help preserve fresh produce after harvest and when it is stored for a long time. AgroFresh market cap is around $97 million. You can purchase a share of this company at anywhere between $1 and $5.

Bolt Biotherapeutics
Bolt biotherapeutics is a biotechnology firm that develops immuno-oncology therapeutics. The immune-stimulating anti-body conjugates developed by Bolt are found to eliminate tumors associated with cancer. Its new category of targeted immunotherapies aims at the activation of an adaptive immune system in the tumor microenvironment. It is an approach to building a pipeline of robust immune-stimulating therapeutics. Its market cap is estimated at $93.4 million. Bolt’s share price usually ranges between $2 and $3.

Penny stocks can be a great option for traders who are looking to begin investing with a small amount and take on bigger risks. Although there are various risks associated with these volatile and fluctuating stocks, the investment can also yield high returns in the long run. So with proper research and understanding, investors can consider picking the right stocks that work for them.

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