Top 5 commercial truck insurance providers

Top 5 commercial truck insurance providers

Vehicle insurance takes care of the cost of repairs and any damages, not to mention legal expenses if you were involved in an accident with damage to property and self. It is a smart investment now to save money and cover vital liabilities and expenses if the need ever arises. Knowing where to buy the best insurance policies is the next step when it comes to securing your financials. The following insurance providers rank among the top companies in the country.

Progressive Commercial Truck Insurance
The company is among one of the largest insurance corporations when it comes to commercial insurance plans. Basic coverage includes damages for liability, injuries to your body, property damage, uninsured or underinsured motorist protection, any medical payments for recovery, and collision coverage. The insurance also provides protection for cars, SUVs, utility vans, bus, motorhomes or RV and different types of commercial trucks like bucket, catering and refrigeration units.

Esurance Commercial Truck Insurance
The basic coverage is very similar to that of Progressive insurance, but Esurance also provides comprehensive coverage for pet injuries, fire, theft, loading, unloading, towing, and labor costs for additional coverage options. Additional coverage is possible with affiliate partners through Commercialinsurance.NET with options available for many types of automobiles. A financial rating is one of the most important points to consider before buying insurance plans and Esurance has a favorable A+ rating.

State Farm Commercial Truck Insurance
Commercial business protection that includes coverage for employees, deliveries and many types of commercial vehicles are among primary features of insurance plans by State Farm. Personal injury, medical expenses, liability, and damage to property are services offered for the plan. State Farm also offers discounts for personal auto insurance. Note that discounts for commercial vehicles will differ and must be verified before you purchase.

Allstate Commercial Truck Insurance
Allstate may have the best customer services backed by a good financial rating and reputation, but there are limited options when it comes to truck-specific coverage. However, the insurance company underwrites its own policies and has a decent A+ financial strength rating. Additional coverage includes rental reimbursement for hired and non-owned automobiles also.

Nationwide Commercial Truck Insurance
The company offers flexible insurance policies custom made for every client. Apart from insurance coverage, the Nationwide commercial also offers plans for investments, banking, annuities, and even your retirement. While most insurance companies don’t offer an online quote, Nationwide provides a number of online quotes with the package or multipolicy discounts.

Other popular commercial truck insurance providers include Titan Insurance, Farmers Insurance, Travelers, The Hartford, and Liberty Mutual insurance.