Top 5 cell phones for seniors

Top 5 cell phones for seniors

Are you planning to buy a cell phone for a senior family member? Make sure to select something that caters to their various needs. In general, cell phones for seniors must be easy to use, feature large screens, and have reliable safety features. Fortunately, there are a few cell phones in the market that fit the bill. Herein, let’s take a brief look at some of the best cell phones available for seniors today.

Lively Smart
Lively, previously known as GreatCall, is a company that specializes in making cell phones for seniors. Lively Smart’s large, 6.2-inch display makes reading, typing, and video calling easy and fun. The phone features an emergency alert button, which on activation allows Lively to get the individual’s location and send help. It also comes with features that enable seniors to book a taxi with a touch of a button and speak to healthcare professionals at any time.

RAZ Memory Cell Phone
The RAZ Memory Cell Phone is designed to help people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other forms of intellectual disabilities stay connected. It has a single, always-on screen that includes large photos and names of contacts, a button to call 911, time, and battery level. The phone has no applications, settings, notifications, or voicemail feature to prevent users from confusion. The battery is long-lasting and can be recharged wirelessly.

Consumer Cellular Doro 7050
Consumer Cellular is another company that specifically designs cell phones for seniors. Their Doro 7050 is a simple flip phone with large, widely-spaced, backlit buttons, making it easier to dial numbers and send text messages. The phone has a bright display, excellent call quality, a camera, and an emergency button. It’s incredibly cheap, and Consumer Cellular’s affordable phone plans also help keep the cost low.

Apple iPhone XR
For tech-savvy seniors, perhaps there’s nothing better than the iPhone XR. It’s relatively cheap compared to many other iPhones but has all the features an individual needs. It’s easy to use and has a large, bright 6.1-inch display that makes reading and typing effortless. Also, it’s no secret that Apple is a reliable brand and their phones are long-lasting.

Samsung Galaxy S20
The Galaxy S20 is another excellent option for seniors comfortable with technology. Its long battery life and large display are ideal for chatting with friends and family for several hours at a time. The triple-lens camera setup is also great for individuals who love taking pictures. Plus, it’s equipped with nearly all the features found in the latest phones today.

A highly trusted phone carrier is the need of the hour when looking for cell phones for seniors.

AT&T is one of the largest phone carriers in the country. The company offers fixed and mobile networks throughout the country. Users can enjoy the reliable and blazing-fast AT&T network (including 5G) and data in virtually all phones, including cell phones for seniors. The company is also currently selling the all-new AT&T flip phone for seniors: the Cingular Flip IV.