Top 3 Video Conferencing Tool for Your Business

Top 3 Video Conferencing Tool for Your Business

With businesses geographically spreading out, managers are finding it difficult to keep teams connected without having to spend a fortune in the process. Communication between teams that are present in two different continents is a complicated affair, especially when the employees across the globe have to work together despite the time difference. Add to it the various costs that arise because of the usage of communication channels.

This is where the option of video conferencing comes in. Currently, there are many good products in the market, which let teams stay in touch at minimal costs and communicate efficiently. Following are some of the best video conferencing options available for businesses of all sizes.

Webinato is a cloud-based video conferencing option. It lets businesses create webinars and conduct live and recorded webinar session to engage their audience and increase the customer base. With this conferencing tool, businesses can conduct online surveys, polls, meetings, and much more. While conducting live sessions on Webinato, the person conducting the session can interact with others by sharing his or her computer screen, drawing on virtual whiteboards, and through messages. They can also answer questions and gather their feedback on the topic of discussion. Businesses can also customize the webinars using their brand colors.

RingCentral Office
RingCentral Office is another good video conferencing tool available for businesses. It is a cloud-based phone solution. It offers businesses with tools like fax, video, voice, and text messages. RingCentral’s core features are auto recording, conferencing, and unlimited long distance and local calling. RingCentral Office lets the businesses keep their employees connected through various personal and business devices. In addition, the RingCentral Mobile app is an integrated solution that enables the employees to stay in touch with colleagues and customers present at any location. It also integrates with other applications and email platforms for smooth functioning.

Zoho Meeting
Zoho is one of the newest brands in the market. Zoho Meeting is an online video conferencing tool from this brand and is ideal for individual users as well as companies of all sizes. It can be used to conduct meetings, launch products, sales presentations, user education, and webinars. It has a browser-based technology, which does not need the user to download an app to use it. Additionally, it is compatible with all the browsers and operating systems.