Top 3 deals on Galapagos tours by Metropolitan Touring

Top 3 deals on Galapagos tours by Metropolitan Touring

Want to book Galapagos tours? Irrespective of whether you are looking for an all-inclusive vacation, family holiday, or a romantic trip, Galapagos tours offered at Metropolitan Touring will make planning your vacation affordable and simple.

The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the most extraordinary wildlife spots in the world. These islands are unique because of their archipelago isolation. Species of different animals have evolved at these islands amidst barren volcanic landscapes. This is an apparently new and strange phenomenon that does not exist anywhere else in the world. It is this unique feature that forced vacationing enthusiasts into looking for special deals on Galapagos tours. Some of the best deals available at Metropolitan Touring are as follows:

Galapagos family vacation
This travel package to the Galapagos Islands is best during the summer season when you get the flexibility of choosing a cruise for children. This seven-day tour includes private services with a driver and a guide during airport and hotel transfers. Your journey starts on the second day when you head off for the Quito city tour for relishing its treasures of architecture and art. There are different city destinations that you get to visit like Quitos Colonia Quarter, Independence Plaza, Archbishop’s Palace, and La Compania de Jesus. Tickets for Latam Ecuador and a cruise journey on Santa Cruz II also come included in this tour package.

Home on the Equator: Quito and Galapagos exploration
This travel package for the Galapagos Islands available from Metropolitan Touring will enable you to head up to the Andes Mountains and pay a visit to the Historic Centre of Quito, which is the very first UNESCO World Heritage Site. You also get to enjoy a visit to the enchanted isles. This eight-day tour package also includes a Galapagos cruise of five days and four nights.

Luxurious modern exploration: Quito, Galapagos, Guayaquil
Go for this Galapagos tour package from Metropolitan Touring if you want to check out the majestic islands, the cultural coast of Ecuador, and the historic highlands—all in one single journey. This is a nine-day and eight-night travel package that includes scuba diving fun; full city tour, and Galapagos cruise as well.

So, pick from one of the Galapagos tours and cherish memories for a lifetime.