Tissue coupons: Another way to save paper!

Tissue coupons: Another way to save paper!

Just imagine a world without tissues! If you think it won’t be a big deal, then probably you have not realized the importance of this wonderful invention. It’s probably one of those things which we never think of so much, but its absence will definitely make us uneasy. The biggest problems will be faced by mothers of infants and babies, who have to run around the entire day cleaning up after their kids or those who have to roam outside, and are happy that someone came up with the idea of facial wipes. Each tissue is extremely useful including quick wipes for cleaning spills, table napkins for dinner and, of course, the toilet paper with which we start our day.

No doubt the tissue industry has become a million dollar industry, with players such as Kimberley Clark Scott, Windsoft Paper, Cottonelle and Kleenex dominating the markets. However, no matter how big the players get, competition is prevalent. This has forced the culture of offering discounts and coupons by the companies for customer retention. Tissue coupons are available throughout the market. Toilet tissue coupons, toilet paper coupons as well as coupons for wipes are available. Online retailers like Amazon,etc. provides amazing deals on bulk orders of facial tissues and toilet tissues.

Coupons were, and still are, one of the most popular ways for people to save money. Contrary to the belief that they are becoming obsolete, some of the stats which studies have shown are real eye openers.

  • 90% customers use coupons, which they find from different online and offline sources (Valassis).
  • Collectively, the total amount saved by all consumers by redeeming coupons in 2014 alone was $3.4 billion (NCH).
  • 71% of the US internet users’ purchase decisions were influenced by coupons and discounts (CMO Council).

Toilet paper coupons can vary anywhere from $0.25 to $1.50 based on which brand you prefer. Toilet tissue coupons can save you up to $2. Baby wipes are another category of products which are in high demand, and will always be. Parents are very careful about choosing the right product for their kids. Soft wipes, natural baby wipes, wet wipes, etc. are frequently purchased. Coupons on baby wipes help you to save a lot. On each packet, you can save up to $1.50. This saves up to $60 a month, just by redeeming discounts.

Saving on these daily use toiletries can help you sort out a lot in your monthly budget. A study conducted by a popular research firm shows that 42% of customers save almost $30 per week using coupons, whereas, 30% customers save over $50 per week.

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