Tips to select a bed that is comfortable for you

Tips to select a bed that is comfortable for you

The bed is the central piece of furniture around which you design your bedroom space. However, selecting a bed is not just about aesthetics and design, it is also about comfort. After all, would you go with a bed that looks like million bucks but gives you leg cramps while sleeping?

Selecting the right bed is not rocket science; nevertheless, sticking to a few ground rules will help you in selecting a bed that is both comfortable and stylish.

The size of your room
It is one of the first things you should think about. Before settling on the size of bed, you would want to measure your room to get its exact dimensions. This would give you a fair idea about the size of the bed that would fit comfortably into the room while allowing space for other bedroom furniture as well.

Queen-sized beds are gaining popularity due to the limited bedroom spaces available. Nevertheless, they are large enough to allow you and your partner to snuggle comfortably. If you have a spacious room, you could consider buying a king-sized bed.

  • Queen 52 cm x 202 cm
  • King 167 cm x 202 cm
  • Super king 180 cm x 202 cm

Walking room
Ideally, you should have around 2 to 3 feet of walking space on all three sides of the bed. However, if your room were smaller, you would still want enough space to walk around and to make your bed. Ensure that there is enough room for bedroom or closet doors to swing freely.

Sleeping habits
A smaller size may meet your needs if you prefer to sleep alone. However, queen-sized beds are more appropriate if you sleep with your partner or are in the habit of sprawling out in your sleep.
Most couples can fit comfortably on a queen-sized bed; however, if you or your partner require your personal space while sleeping, a king-sized bed may be more suitable.

Your size
If you are on the heavier side, you may prefer a king-sized bed.

Mattress size
If you are replacing an old bed while retaining your old mattress, the size of the mattress assumes importance. You would want a bed that can accommodate the mattress that you already own. If you are not sure of its size, consider measuring it before you head out to buy a new bed.

You should consider your budget before planning your purchase. Queen-sized beds are comparatively cheaper than king-sized beds.

Availability of accessories
You may want to consider the availability of bed covers and linen for the bed you are planning to buy. While bed linen is easily available for a queen-sized bed, you should always check the size of the linen before making any purchases.

Storage beds
If you want additional storage, you may want to consider storage beds. Pullout drawers are available in both queen-sized and king-sized beds. Your basic priority while choosing a bed size is the comfort level it brings. Once you have selected a comfortable size, you can concentrate on the design elements.

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