Tips to safely use outdoor Christmas lights during this holiday season

Tips to safely use outdoor Christmas lights during this holiday season

The holiday season not only brings happiness with Christmas but also brings lights and the festive fervor. It is a time for celebration and utmost happiness with friends and family. Christmas preparations include decorations and beautiful outdoor Christmas lights.

These outdoor Christmas lights can be acquired at the nearby local store at the Christmas lighting sale or the Black Friday lighting sale at great prices.

How to safely use outdoor Christmas lights during this holiday season
Although outdoor Christmas lights are beautiful, they come with many safety issues. Here are some tips to handle these lights for a safe Christmas.
Use specific purposed lights: All kinds of festive outdoor lights aren’t the same. It may seem that you can use these lights for any purpose, but always remember to use the lights for outdoor lighting purposes for outside Christmas lights and the lights for indoor purposes inside the house. This will prevent unnecessary safety hazards.

Hang lights: Never use a nail or staples to secure your Christmas lights. Lights such as the lighted garland for Christmas and similar kinds should be used with care and hung carefully. Stapling it or nailing over them might cause a short-circuit and may cause a fire.

Read reviews: Remember to purchase only those lights which are rated by users. Read as many Christmas lights reviews as you can to find the best Christmas lights for your house and decorations.

Inspect before you use: Inspect your lights before hanging them up for some damage or shortcomings. Also, inspect the bulb fixings before you use them. You should do this for old and new out-of-the-box lights.

Unplug when you change: Whenever you need to make a repair or change a bulb or do something to the lights, make sure you unplug the entire string for safety purposes.

Same wattage bulbs: Whenever you replace a bulb, remember to get a bulb of the same wattage. Using a higher wattage bulb will make your light string overheat and may cause a fire.

Careful with extensions: It is obvious that you will be using extension cords for your Christmas lights. But before you start plugging your Christmas lights, check the wattage of the extension cord. Overloading the extension cord will only create unnecessary damage.

Instructions: Always make it a point to read the instructions on the label or the box. Some lights come with certain specific instructions. Therefore, it is important to read them before installing the lights.

Unplugging: For safety purposes, it is advised to unplug or switch off all your holiday lights when you leave your house or when you go to sleep.

Be it outdoor Christmas lights or indoor Christmas lights, safety always comes first.

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