Tips to Get Discounts on Disney World Tickets

Tips to Get Discounts on Disney World Tickets

People often avail of great deals on hotel bookings, flights, and restaurants. But when it comes to Disney World, there are limited options for getting a genuinely discounted fare. However, there are multiple ways to get a good deal, and in this article, we have tried to compare the best combinations, savings options, and websites or operators that offer you the best deal on your trip to this magical destination.

Let’s examine some of the best ways to get discounts on Disney World tickets.

Undercover Tourist
The Undercover Tourist website usually gives you great discounts on Disney World tickets. The tickets cost 8-10% less if you book them from this site. These tickets are bought at a wholesale rate by the website. Thus, they can pass on some of these savings to the consumer. You can save quite a lot of money by using this website, and there is no difference between their wholesale pass and the gate pass. The site also helps you manage your Disney account to ensure that you can link your purchases to your Disney account. They also help you with accommodation and hotel stays along with your Disney theme park tickets.

Website and other discounts
There are some discounts which are easy to obtain, and everybody can grab these offers if they dig around a little. You can get discounted tickets on the Disney World’s website as well. You can get a discount of up to $20 if you decide to buy the tickets online instead of purchasing them from the gate. Residents of Florida get some special discounts on their Disneyland tickets. Their choices may be slightly limited, but the savings are as high as 30%. They may not get the discount on two-day visits, but they’re applicable for all the other tickets including the one and three-day visit. Disney Vacation Club members also get great deals from time to time. So, it is important to keep checking if there are any new offers or updates. People who are in the military or people who know military personnel can avail of some great discounts too.

You can also save money by buying gift cards as you get discounts of up to 8%. Undoubtedly, the best option for getting a discount on Disney World tickets is by purchasing the annual pass which is around $830. While this seems a bit steep, the cost of two or three-day Disney World tickets works to a little less than that. Note that the annual pass is inclusive of Photopass photos as well as discounts on some restaurants and other merchandise.