Tips to clean your Harley Davidson parts

Tips to clean your Harley Davidson parts

A Harley Davidson requires frequent grooming to retain its beautiful appearance and improve its performance. Professional cleaning services most often burn a hole in our pockets when there is zero personal maintenance. We are here to help you understand the benefits of cleaning your bike yourself. With the help of these tips and techniques, your Harley will turn heads wherever you go.

Before you begin

Make sure your Harley is parked on firm ground and you have enough space to work in a comfortable and safe environment.
It is not advisable to work under direct sunlight. Ensure your motorcycle is kept in the shade.
Remove all jewelry and accessories as it can easily scratch your motorcycle during the process.
Rinse off any mud or soil caked on your Harley parts with a garden hose to avoid scratches while sponging.
Be it a sponge or a terry towel, make sure you wash them first as they may have remains of dirt from the previous wash. It must also be free of fabric softeners.
Avoid using your personal toiletries and buy cleaning products made specially for motorcycles.
Don’t forget to browse through the owner’s manual to understand the functions of your Harley-Davidson parts better.

Materials you will need

Cleaning agent
Clean sponge, garden hose and bucket of warm clean water
Soft tooth brushes
Chamois leather/ Terry towel

Time to clean

Start spraying the bike cleaning agent into all the nooks and crannies, including the engine and the wheel bearings to loosen the dirt. Always start at the top and work your way to the bottom. The oily parts can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush.
After you’ve waited for five minutes, hose the bike down before the cleaning agent dries up. You can also perform an additional step of adding bike shampoo to a warm bucket of water and cleaning it with a soft sponge. Once you’re done, wash it down with clean water.
Use a chamois leather or a terry towel to pull off all the water and clean out the pores leaving your bike with a clean surface. You can also use a leaf blower to dry off your Harley parts as long as its clean.
Once you’re done with the above steps, pay attention to how the water reacts. This will help you understand if your Harley-Davidson needs any polishing or waxing. If the water beads into small round droplets, you don’t need to wax or polish your bike. If the water forms uneven droplets, its time to get the beast waxed or polished. You can always do this yourself or get it done by a professional mechanic.

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