Tips for lengthening your TV’s life

Tips for lengthening your TV’s life

Whether it’s an expensive smart TV or an ordinary analog TV that you have, it can last up to 40,000 hours and some manufacturers claim that it might go beyond that under controlled conditions. It is in the hands of the user to extend its life span by following easy tips which does not cost much money.

Clean it up
The new generation TVs and home theaters are really smooth shinny attracting dust particles due to the wheeling of static electricity generated around them. Keeping it clean not only helps in making it look better but with little maintenance you can make the video/audio systems will produce and deliver better hearing and viewing experience. Never use a paper towel or toilet papers to clean a greasy screen, instead make a mild solution of soap and water to wipe.

Conceal the cables
You have to be very careful handling with cables wire as high electric current passes through them. It is advisable to switch off the power before you get started. Nobody likes to see too many wires hanging from the TV. Concealing them not only keeps it tidy but also prevents damages. If you fine a cable tie to wrap it up try Velcro instead or even wire based twist ties. While securing the cable wires make sure that you run each electrical wire separate to prevent electrical interference which will lead to burning of cables and result in short circuit and degraded audio and video signals. The wire can be hidden behind the wall mount or furniture on which the TV is fixed

Install a stabilizer/surge protector
Power inconsistency can harm your TV as modern TVs are highly sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Install a good brand of stabilizer to regulate the power input. Many LED TVs fail mid-way due to display problems and busted power caps from power surges. By installing voltage regulator, you can protect your TV from hazard power surges and keep your TV work efficiently even if you install any other heavy devices at home. Stabilizer might be an expensive option but you can use a surge protector as an alternative which is cheap in price. Buy reliable surge protectors of 10 and more outlets with space for large power packs.

Fix your TV on the table
If you have rested your TV on a table, it is time to buy a dedicated TV stand. A TV stand comes with special features which are easy to use and store accessories. Consider TV stands from specialized companies if you are looking for style and also hire a local cabinet maker to customize your TV stand. Invest on stands which provide good ventilation, integrated cable management, enough shelves for encasing speakers, video streamers, remote controller, and cable boxes.