Tiny bike, big thrills

Tiny bike, big thrills

You don’t need overwhelming power to have a blast on two wheels! A motorcycle, at its core, is made for convenience and fun. But who knew that the most fun may perhaps be had in one of the smallest packages! It’s easy to dismiss a ‘mini-bike’ as a scooter pretending to be a “proper” motorcycle. These fun-size bikes were first made by enthusiasts from spare parts found in their garage. Placing maneuverability over raw power, these pocket-sized bikes could theoretically be made with an engine from a lawnmower, old iron bars and spare tires using just a blowtorch.

Market demand for these machines developed in the early 1960s in the United States, with traditional motorcycle manufacturers beginning to carry a line of mini-bikes in their catalogs. When it comes to power output, these bikes usually house a small 47-125cc 4-stroke or 2-stroke, flat head engine capable of reaching speeds of about 60-100 km/h. Some don’t even need transmissions, as most enthusiasts prefer a single-transmission power delivery system over a 4-speed system. But perhaps the most striking feature of these types of bikes is the low-seat height. With just a 18-30-inch-high seat, it’s easy just to swing your leg over and zoom away, leaving stifling traffic and annoying car horns cars behind.

Kiss traffic jams good-bye!
These bikes shine at low speeds and in tight spots. The high and wide handlebars make navigating tight city spaces and twisty back roads a pleasure. Once you get a “road-legal” bike something like a 125cc Honda Grom or maybe a Kawasaki z125 PRO, you will often find yourself beating daily bumper-to-bumper traffic without even breaking a sweat. What’s more, these pocket-sized bikes are small enough for you to even bring into your flat’s lift to park it inside!

Bottom Line
Mini bikes have their flaws but none of the minor quibbles really matter as these bikes are pure fun to ride. Free from the intimidating prospect of the overpowered super bike or the gargantuan, expensive cruiser, the seat of the minibike is just a happy place to spend an hour on. If you do not have one of these yet and are looking out to buy these mini monsters, you could avail one of the many sale options. These can easily be selected from a wide range of online stores that have mini bike sales occasionally. If you are desperate to own your mini bike and second hand bikes work for you, zoom away in any one of the widely available pre-owned bikes. You will surely have a happy ride!

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