Things to know before buying curtains drapes

Things to know before buying curtains drapes

Curtains are much more than just pieces of fabric. They are used for privacy, to block light, and most importantly to make a room look cozy and comfortable. They need to be chosen carefully so that they complement the room and serve their purpose.

However, given the different types of curtain drapes available, selecting the right one can be confusing and daunting.

To ensure that you select the right drapes for a particular room it is imperative to take certain factors into consideration. For example, the size of the window, the fabric of the curtain, the interior of the room, etc.

In this article, we’ve rounded up some essential things that you need to know about curtain drapes.

  • Curtains vs drapes
    The very first thing that you need to decide is whether you want to style your windows with curtains or drapes. Lighter fabrics are used to make curtains while heavy fabrics are used to make drapes.
    Curtains are ideal for homes as they are informal while drapes are better for more formal interiors like offices. Drapes give privacy by efficiently blocking out the light. On the other hand, curtains won’t block out light and do not provide much privacy either.
  • Types
    You need to decide the type of curtains or drapes that you want to go for. You can either style the window with the box-pleated type that looks custom-made or the cased-type that is made with light fabric.
    Apart from these, there are some simple yet elegant types of curtains and drapes like the eyelet type and goblet type that are best suited for big windows. You should decide on the curtains based on the look that you are aiming for.
  • Styles
    Curtain drapes are available in various styles and it is essential to pick one that will complement the interiors of a room. You can either opt for single panel curtains or for panel pair curtains which are mostly made with lightweight fabrics.
    Aside from these, you can also opt for curtain panels with valance. This elegant style of curtains is best-suited for windows of big houses.

Take all these factors into consideration before buying curtains or drapes for your house.