Things to do before you apply for a credit card online

Things to do before you apply for a credit card online

Applying for a credit card online gives you a good share of benefits. A plethora of card types are available, each associated with unique features and annual fees. Applying for a credit card online helps you to browse through the varied selection of cards and choose one that fulfills your needs.
Before you apply for a credit card online, be clear on the following aspects.

  • The purpose of the card
  • What type of rewards you expect from the card
  • The annual fees chargeable to the card
  • The credit limit you require
  • Your credit score

Your credit score has a direct bearing on whether your credit card application will be approved or not. Ample of research and addressing security issues must be your prime concern when you scout for credit card issuers online.

Research thoroughly
The best part about applying for a credit card online is that you have the benefit of comparing the different issuers and choose the best card. You can easily find out which card offers the best rewards program. Search for one with no annual fee and a card that matches your credit score.
Look out for enhanced web security
When you transact online, the biggest fear is security. When applying for a credit card online, protect your personal information by accessing a secure website. Most credit card issuers offer secure websites for you to apply online.

List of do’s

  • Assess the card’s purpose
    Are you applying for the credit card to earn instant cash back offers or to accumulate travel miles? Depending on your need, you can choose to apply for the appropriate card. In fact, being clear on the purpose will make it easy for you to narrow down an option.
  • Mention your actual income
    When a credit card issuer needs to set a credit limit, the determining factor is your income. It reflects your capacity to pay the bills on the card regularly. So, when you make an application, make sure that you mention your current income.
  • Scrutinize pre-approved offers
    It is quite possible that you have a pre-approved credit card offer in hand. Don’t jump to it, and read the fine print. Look for the standard APR and any other additional fees. While on the face of it, the pre-approved offer might be appealing, but hidden clauses can prove to be a liability. Do note that a pre-approved offer does not entitle you to have the card application approved. It is mandatory to meet the credit standards set by the card issuer.
  • Exercise care when filling out the application
    Any wrong information, even if keyed in by oversight can lead to your credit card application being rejected. Be extra careful when filling out the fields and if you’re in doubt, call the card issuer and seek clarification.

Applying for credit card online is a simple process. You just need to appropriately fill in all the required information, which will only increase your chances to get a approved for a card.