The Mojito chronicles

The Mojito chronicles

Mojito has a lot of lovers across the globe and is an instant hit with someone who had it as their first drink. Whether you go partying with your friends or invite someone over, a mojito is a good option to have your share of alcohol without going overboard with it. When you go through the menu card to decide the drinks you would order, you must have observed that mojito does not appear simply as a mojito. There are quite a few variants in mojitos which too are favored and savored by people all around. These variants are quite popular but have you ever given a thought about the origin of your favorite drink or how it was made back then? Maybe not. Many people aren’t so inquisitive about such things, but those who are eager to trace the origin of their beloved drink, read on.

Mojito is originally a Cuban highball! It was believed to be first concocted in Havana, Cuba, but the exact origin of this drink is still unknown. You would probably come across anecdotes regarding the origins of the drink. One such popular belief is that mojito is a variation of the 16th century drink El Draque which was christened after Sir Francis Drake, who landed in Havana after one of his successful expeditions. Another story that you would come across is that it originated in Cuba itself and the name mojito is derived from the word ‘mojo’ which is a Cuban seasoning made from lime and is used in their native dishes. In case you delve deeper about the origins of mojito, chances are high that you would come across several such stories.

Since your favorite drink has its roots firmly planted in Cuba, you would definitely care to treat yourself to the traditional Cuban mojito. Once you get your hands on the Cuban mojito recipe, you can definitely try it at one of your house parties.

The traditional Cuban mojito would require sprig mints, sugar, lime juice, a decent white rum and ice. Each of these ingredients serve a particular purpose. The sprig mints are the ones that are responsible for giving you the well-deserved refreshment, the sugar is to tickle your sweet tooth, the lime juice serves to give you a bitter-sweet taste and the white rum is what satisfies your need for alcohol and gives the entire drink a distinct taste.

So, try the traditional Cuban mojito recipe and just so you know, mojito was a favorite of one of the most famous authors of all time, Ernest Hemingway. So, flaunt your choice since you share it with one of the most adored personalities in the world.