The Different Offers That You Can Get on American Girl Products

The Different Offers That You Can Get on American Girl Products

American Girl is a product of Pleasant Company, which was introduced to the market in 1986. Various types of dolls and their accessories fall into this product category. These dolls are 18-inch in size and represent different ethnicities of the country. The books generally cover American history from the viewpoint of the girls. American Girl products are usually available on various websites and retail stores. To know about American Girl coupons, you can visit its website. Through this article, you will get some information about American Girl coupons.

Monthly Specials
This coupon is available on the website of American Girl. With the utilization of this coupon, you will get a 30% discount on selected products. This coupon is valid only through the month end. This offer will be given until the promotional stock lasts. You can avail this coupon only on online products available on the website of American Girl. You cannot use this coupon at the retail stores like Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kohl’s, etc., either online or at outlets.

Free Shipping
According to this coupon, you will get the benefit of free shipping if you order any product of Wellie Wishers. You have to order these products either online or through a phone call. Mega Construx, a product of Wellie Wishers is not included in this deal. That means you will not get free shipping on the purchase of the Mega Construx product. This offer is valid through the end of the December.

$5 Off
This coupon is valid on a few selected dolls and their accessories. With this coupon, you will get a discount of $5 on certain dolls and the accessories for them. This coupon includes Be Forever American Girl doll, Girl of the Year doll, Truly Me doll, and Wellie Wishers products.

Extra 15%
With this offer, you will receive a discount of 15% extra on your total purchase price. You will get this discount only when you order two or more special products. This offer includes various products like glasses, shoes, hats, and many other products.

$20 Off
This deal is valid only on the Bitty Baby American Girl doll and the Welcome Home Bitty Set. When you buy these products, you will receive an extra $20 off on total purchase cost.

American Girl dolls and their accessories are the most loved products in the country and through these coupons, you will get them at a reasonable rate.