Tackling under eye dark circles

Tackling under eye dark circles

Are you a victim of puffiness and dark circles surrounding your eyes and have tried out all kinds of remedies with no effect? If you are not fatigued or not suffering from any serious disease, there is no need to panic even though, this does mar your complexion and beauty.
ahead, to know more about this and how to get rid of these circles under the eyes via some simple under eye treatments:

What triggers dark circles?
There are many factors that can induce dark circles which include sitting on your laptop or computer for prolonged periods, ageing, extremely dry skin, mental or physical stress, sleep deprivation, crying for a long time, and hereditary factors as well.

Listed below are some wonderful tricks and remedies that will surely help to reduce these dark circles naturally
Various natural remedies to tackle dark circles.

Almond Oil: Almond oil is excellent for your eyes. Massaging under the eyes with this oil for around fifteen minutes every day is found to work wonders for getting rid of dark circles beneath the eyes.

Mint Leaves: Mint has umpteen medicinal benefits and they are also found to be effective in treating dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. All one needs to do is massage the eyes with juice of mint leaves and leave it on for some time. Mint juice is a wonderful cooler and proven to be miraculous in curing dark circles.

Mixture of lime and tomato juice: A mixture of two tablespoons lime juice along with two tablespoons tomato juice is another excellent natural remedy for reducing dark circles under the eyes.

Potato and cucumber juice: Mixing equal portions of cucumber and potato juice and applying it with cotton pad under the eyes works wonder to treat dark circles. Let this remain under the eyes for around quarter of an hour and wash off with cold water.

Rose water: Application of rose water with a cotton ball is another excellent c coolant for curing pigmentation under the eyes.

Turmeric paste: Prepare a paste of turmeric, tomato juice and lime juice. Apply this thickened paste on the area under the eyes and wait for it to dry. Wash off with clean water. It is one of the best natural cures for curing dark circles.

All the above mentioned natural cures have been proven to work miracles and help you get rid of those ugly dark circles and puffiness that stands in the way of attaining a beautiful and blemish free complexion.