Symptoms and home remedial treatments for fire ant bites

Symptoms and home remedial treatments for fire ant bites

Fire ants are crawlers that can sting and leave you yelling in pain. These ants, true to their name, can leave the skin itchy and inflamed. The intense shooting pain leads to skin irritation and can last for several hours or even a few days. Moreover, people with allergies may find it even more painful to deal with this sting.

In most cases, fire ant stings do not require treatment and heal on its own. Not only humans, these crawlers even attack animals who come in contact with the colonies. There are several symptoms that come with fire ant stings. The mark that is left by these ants is different from other insect bites. Unlike hives and boils left by mosquitos and other insects, the area is left red and looks like pus filled pimples.

Some people may experience extreme symptoms that need to be attended with immediate medical help. These include feeling nauseous, unconsciousness, uneasy breathing and more. However, these serious symptoms only take place when an individual suffers from an allergy or has sensitive skin.

An individual who is stung by fire ant stings can use the following home remedies that are very effective and will suppress the pain:

Wash with water and aloe vera gel – The sting should be immediately washed with cold water and aloe vera gel. This will soothe the pain and reduce the extreme itching. Also, the affected area should be covered with cotton and bandage and also, prevent scratching or itching with the nails.

Apply a cold press – The area that is stung becomes unbearably itchy and a cold press can bring a good amount of relief. Continue to apply the press for 20 to 30 mins and do so every little while. Not only does the cold press bring pain-relief but also helps in reducing inflammation.

Apple cider vinegar – The acid that is present in apple cider vinegar can neutralize the allergenic proteins that are left by the sting. Also, the vinegar packs anti-septic properties that reduce inflammation and swelling on the skin.

Oatmeal bath – Oatmeal is most popularly used treatment for fire ants. Oatmeal has to be added to a bucket of warm water and stirred. This water should then be then poured onto the body. One can also soak in this water for a while in case of severe symptoms. The procedure can be repeated for a few days until the condition gets better.

Stay away from fire ants to avoid stings altogether. In case you come across a nest in your backyard or a trail in your home, call in for pest control help. You may also carry out self-treatment, however, do this with utmost caution.