Symptoms and signs of breast cancer, early detection for timely treatment

Symptoms and signs of breast cancer, early detection for timely treatment

Breast cancer is one of the top cancer forms that may be found globally. This primarily affects women and is known to create many complications in the long run. This fatal disease can also be detected in time once we learn to watch out for the early signs of breast cancer. There are a number of symptoms of this disease which can be observed and these do not start with just a lump. Read on to know more!

• Causes of Breast Cancer: Breast cancer usually occurs due to genetic factors. If there has been a family history of the same in your family, then there are chances that you may also inherit the ailment, depending on the proximity of the relative on the family tree. For this reason, it is a must to regularly carry out breast examinations at home and also go in for a mammography every once in a while. Many doctors do not suggest the use of screening methods like mammography too often because it may expose you to the risk of this disease.

• Changes in the Breasts: One of the early signs of breast cancer will involve changes in the way your breasts and nipples feel. If you have been noticing a constant change in the size and shape as well as tenderness and pain, then it may be time to conduct a breast examination or see a doctor regarding the same because this is one of the many primary symptoms of breast cancer. Also, there will be several changes in the nipples including inverted nipples, changes in the aloe in terms of shape and color as well as bleeding, in some cases. The texture of the breasts as well as the enlargement of the pores in this area can also point at the existence of abnormal cells in the breasts.

• Changes in the Appearance of the Breasts: While the way your breasts and nipples feel may be the primary and earliest indicators of the disease, there may be others signs in terms of altered appearance of the breasts and nipples. The appearance of rashes and dimpling as well as any shrinking of the breasts should instantly make you visit the gynecologist or the oncologist so that you can have the same checked. Scaly and red or even swollen skin on the breasts can also point at this kind of cancer.

• Lumps: Finally, one of the most important signs of breast cancer is the appearance of lumps. While this may not be one of the early signs of breast cancer, it is a visible symptom that should not be ignored. You can regularly check for lumps in the breasts by conducting a breast examination on your own every few weeks. You can ask your doctor about the same so that you do the needful correctly at home. You will need to palm your breast and rotate them to find out if there are any lumps anywhere.