Some useful tips to take care of melamine ware

Some useful tips to take care of melamine ware

Although you may be the proud owner of some lovely bone china and expensive tableware for your exclusive dining experiences, melamine dinnerware is surely a useful and worthy addition to your tableware which is ideal for daily use. With excellent durability and bright shades, melamine adds color to any meal. Given below are some simple tips that will help to ensure your melamine ware remains stylish and vibrant for a long time.

What is melamine made from?
Melamine is manufactured from urea that is combined with formaldehyde which is fired and positioned in various molds to provide shape to a variety of dishes.

Advantages of melamine ware for regular use
Melamine ware is extremely light and easy to use especially if you have children in your family.
They are much more durable compared to porcelain and other dinnerware.
They come in bright shades and designs that make it extremely attractive for small kids.
They do not break easily even with rough handling.

Care for your melamine
Use the following useful tips to care for your melamine dinnerware:
Use only soft sponges while cleaning your melamine ware by hand.
Never put your melamine dishes into your microwave oven as they melt with high heat.
Although melamine dishes are dishwasher safe, the color may fade with continuous washing in the dishwasher.
Ensure you wash these melamine products immediately to avoid them from getting stained.
If you want to maintain its shine and prevent stains, make sure to pre-soak these dishes before you wash them.
Avoid using nail polish removing agents or turpentine to get rid of sticker residues that are present on the surface.
If you normally put your melamine ware in the dish washer, only let them run through a light cycle and never put them into a hot water cycle.
Never use bleach or any sanitizing products with a chlorine base to clean melamine ware.
Take care to check your dishes for chips and cracks regularly and do away with the same.
Never clean melamine with cleaning tools that are abrasive as they cause scratches and can even trigger wear and tear with constant use of abrasives.
Avoid using sharp knives as they can cause nicks on the surface of these melamine dinnerware.

These simple tips are guaranteed to ensure that your melamine tableware will go a long way in retaining its luster and brightness, thus making them a joy to dine in.