Simple tips to stop hair fall

Simple tips to stop hair fall

Hair fall and shedding can affect one emotionally. Hair loss, a.k.a. Alopecia, is a concern for everyone today men, and women alike. While one can resort to medications such as Rogaine and Propecia, and treatments such as hair restoration and replacements, the natural ways to induce hair fall and reduce hair loss still work the best.

The first step towards caring for hair is following a strict healthy diet rich of protein, vitamins and calcium, and this should be monitored. Even the water that one uses to wash and rinse the hair should be soft water and not hard water. Purify the water if it is hard or long term use can severely damage the hair. One can follow many home remedies, which serve to be an additional protection for your hair.

Here are some things you can eat and do to take care of the problem of hair fall.

  • Foods like eggs, honey, avocado, yogurt, salmon and spinach are great for promoting hair growth. Include these in your diet regularly to see a difference.
  • A gentle scalp massage with lukewarm almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil increases the flow of the blood to the hair follicles. It strengthens the root of the hair and serves as an excellent conditioner for the scalp.
  • Hair masks are another remarkable remedy, especially in the winter seasons. Applying apple cider vinegar eliminates the excess oil from the scalp, while a combination of Argan oil, avocado, apple cider vinegar and rosemary essence nourishes and softens the unruly strands. Apply this mask from root to tip and rinse it after 15 minutes with a mild shampoo. Do this once or twice a month.
  • It is important to choose shampoos depending upon one’s hair condition. For those with normal hair, the objective is to fetch the right balance of dryness and oiliness so that the hair doesn’t become too frizzy or too fine. For those with oily scalp, an excess of serums and waxy styling products leaves creamy deposits that requires specific shampoos for their removal. Hence, shampoo types vary from individual to individual and their hair quality and texture.
  • Aloe vera is also known to work wonders. massage it into your scalp and wash off after a few hours.

You can do a lot at home to stop hair fall but if it persists you must visit a doctor to know the reason and get professional advice.

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