3 simple tips to maintain chainsaws

3 simple tips to maintain chainsaws

Chainsaws can be handy if you work as a sawyer or need it for harvesting firewood on a regular basis. However, it is imperative that you know how to operate this tool safely to avoid hurting yourself or those around you. Here are some safety tips for using chainsaws in the garden.

Ensure that the chain remains lubricated
Chainsaws come with a tank that contains the oil that lubricates the chain as it moves around the bar. Make sure you check the level of the oil in the system every time you use the saw. Without the oil, the chain will not have enough lubrication to move around the bar smoothly. This causes the grooves and rails in the bar to wear off quicker than usual, resulting in uneven cuts, making it difficult for you to control the saw. This can increase the chances of an accident while operating the chainsaw. So keep checking the oil level in the system constantly and add more oil as the level decreases to operate the saw reliably.

Ensure to replace the chain when needed
Some of us tend to keep on using a chainsaw even after its chain has worn out completely. This will not only result in a poor and uneven cut but also increase the risks of the engine overheating and wearing out owing to the extra load. The majority of chainsaws in the market come with manufacturer’s instructions on when to replace the chain. However, the rate at which you restore the chain also depends on how often you use the saw. If you tend to use the chainsaw occasionally, consider replacing the chain once or twice a year.

Ensure you store the chainsaw properly
Chainsaws need to be stored properly when not in use. Before cleaning the tool, ensure to drain out any remnant oil in the system by letting the engine run until the chainsaw stops completely. Clean all the parts of the saw with a cloth carefully. After that, keep the chainsaw in a cupboard or on a high shelf, away from the reach of children and pets.

A chainsaw can play a useful role in your daily activities. Ensure to care for it properly to make sure that it remains in a decent condition for prolonged performance.

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