Shoes that Monitor the Run

Shoes that Monitor the Run

It is amazing how technology is taking less and less physical space in our world and yet forms the biggest part of modern life in today’s world. From giant super computers to mini Nano technology microchips, technology through leaps and bounds has finally come full circle in the form of wearable tech.

From fitness trackers, smart watches and being integrated into clothing, technology on the human body today has become almost like a social norm. Today there are so many options in every single item of wearable tech that offer endless customizations and cater to all budgets.

Here are some wearable tech gadgets to consider to stay healthy, fit and technology forward:

Under Armour Gemini 3 RE smart shoes

The UA Gemini 3 smart shoes record the users running data without the user having to wear expensive wearables like trackers or step and heart rate, monitors.

Available for £110 in the UK and online market places world wide, these shoes act as invisible wearable tech and are designed especially for people who find wearing expensive gadget a little too much of a hassle as they exercise. Why strap on an expensive piece of equipment and worry about it falling off when instead you can simply wear shoes that do all that work for you?

The sports apparel company that designs these shoes has managed to integrate a fitness tracker right into the soles of the Under Armour Gemini 3 RE Smart Shoes smart shoes. These shoes have thus become one of the most intelligent trainers you can slip on before your workout, so the need to wear a smartwatch or a tracker is eliminated. The fitness tracker inside the shoes has an accelerometer that records the running metrics.

There is also a Bluetooth connectivity that updates the data received and recorded to the associated app that can be accessed. The best part of using the UA Gemini 3 smart shoes is that they can be utilized both for the training as well as the main event in case the user is preparing for a marathon or some such.

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